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Heineken’s “Carol Karaoke” Video May Be A Bit Of Holiday Marketing Genius

Heineken Carol KaraokeWhy is it that the absolute worst singers love karaoke? As someone who falls under that category, I can say that I honestly have no idea. I just know that whenever I’m singing Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” at the top of my lungs with a group of friends, a good time is usually had. So, I have to say that when I saw Heineken’s “Carol Karaoke” commercial it brought a smile to my face as well as a little jealousy. I may sound like a combination of Gollum and a dying cat while singing, but there is absolutely no way I’m turning down a chance to have my karaoke experience broadcast in front of thousands.

Check out the video below to see what happened when Heineken surprised a group of karaoke-goers with just that opportunity.

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Lushworthy News: Francois Thibault Shares His Inspiring Story In Grey Goose’s “Fly Beyond” Commercial

Francois Thibault Fly BeyondLast year, Grey Goose kept the party going with their lively Hotel Noir commercial, and this month the brand has chosen to switch things up a bit with their newly-released Fly Beyond commercial. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, the commercial, which is part of a new ad campaign from Grey Goose, is far more subtle than last year’s chic Hotel Noir ad. It features Grey Goose creator Francois Thibault and focuses on the obstacles Monsieur Thibault was forced to overcome when he revealed his plans to create a vodka made using spring water and ” the finest soft winter wheat.”

Similar to Hotel Noir, the Fly Beyond commercial boasts some incredibly chic moments, but there’s also a great story there as well. And you gotta love an inspiring story, whether it’s from a French Cellar Master or someone who happens to be a bit more local.

“Fly Beyond is more than a campaign for us,” said Lyle Tick, senior global category director for Grey Goose vodka. “This campaign gives people something new to discover about a brand they thought they knew and helps them understand why Grey Goose does, in fact, Fly Beyond.”

Also, be on the lookout for more details on Grey Goose’s interactive Fly Beyond, Times Square billboard. The digital billboard will allow fans of the brand the opportunity to have their Grey Goose-inspired social media posts featured on the billboard.

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Battle Of The Southern Comfort “Whatever’s Comfortable” Dudes: Shampoo Guy vs. Shirtless, Beach Hunk (Giveaway)

Southern Comfort Guys Battle

I was fully expecting the shirtless guy from Southern Comfort’s first “Whatever’s Comfortable” commercial to again work his magic in the brand’s latest ad, so I was a little saddened when this wasn’t the case. Instead of our confident, banana hammock-sporting homeboy, we’re instead introduced to a new guy in Southern Comfort’s “Shampoo” commercial. I was a little leery of Shampoo Guy at first, but as soon as he put on his glasses to give the lady across the way a compelling head nod while holding on to a glass of SoCo on the rocks and getting his hair shampooed, I realized he might just be as cool as our Shirtless, Beach Hunk.

So, now that we’ve got a new “Whatever’s Comfortable” hero to rave about, I have to ask you guys who you think is the better “Whatever’s Comfortable” mascot. Shampoo Guy or Shirtless, Beach Hunk? Before you answer that, I have a handful of categories you may want to consider. I’ve also offered my opinion on who I think should take each category.

StyleShampoo Guy – Yes, the handlebar mustache is pretty amazing, but those snakeskin boots really sealed the deal for me.

Appeal To The Ladies - Shirtless, Beach Hunk – The fact that I’m even referring to this guy as a “hunk” already shows that he’s a hit with the ladies.
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Cee Lo Green & TY KU Sake Encourage Fans To “Share On” In New Television Commercial (Video)

TY KU Sake already seem poised to set itself apart from other sake brands when it recruited singer/rapper Cee Lo Green as a partner, and now the brand is fully ready to introduce itself to the masses in a new television commercial. I’ve yet to come across the commercial for the Manhattan-based, Japan-brewed sake on television, but I’m sure you’ll catch it between episodes of your favorite reality show in the very near future. Also, after checking out the commercial you may want to head over to the NYTimes.com to read about TY KU’s goal to become “the first premium sake call brand.”

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Crown Royal Continues To #ReignOn With Help From The King Of The Jungle In Their Newest Commercial (Video)

Lions, tigers, and Crown Royal? Well, why not. The noted Canadian whisky recently recruited the king of the jungle for its newest television commercial which is bound to catch the attention of many. It looks like “Reign On” might serve as a sneak peek at Crown Royal’s newest campaign and what better way to flaunt your reign than with a lion. Oh, and Bobby Bland’s “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City” of course. That song is commercial gold. Also, it should be noted that the YouTube description for the commercial reads, “A roar sounds even mightier over clinking glasses.” I like it…I like it a lot.

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The Southern Comfort Guy Trades Whisky For Weather On ComfortableWeatherGuy.com

SoCo Weather Guy

Ever since Southern Comfort launched their “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign last year, the world has slowly found themselves falling in love with the campaign’s Speedo-sporting, whisky-sipping protagonist. Known simply as the “Southern Comfort guy,” our mystery man has done a commendable job of bringing attention to a campaign that “was created to celebrate and inspire the awesome attitude of people who are completely comfortable with themselves.” It’s unclear if there will be any new commercials featuring the Southern Comfort guy, but in the meantime Southern Comfort has created a Website where you can get your SoCo dude fix while also catching up on your local weather.

The site is dubbed ComfortableWeatherGuy.com and all you have to do is enter your location and you’ll be brought to a video that pictures the Southern Comfort guy enduring (or enjoying) whatever your local weather happens to be. For example, you’d likely get a video similar to the one below if you reside in a city where it’s pretty damn hot at the moment.

Jay-Z & D’USSÉ Cognac “LIV” It Up In Miami At The D’USSÉ Launch Party (Video)

Late last week, some of the industry’s biggest names gathered at LIV nightclub in Miami to celebrate the launch of D’USSÉ VSOP Cognac during Art Basel. The D’USSÉ flowed heavily as Jay-Z (who also served as the event’s host), Beyonce, The Dream, Pusha T, and numerous other notables partied it up with the assistance of a seemingly never-ending supply of D’USSÉ. I’ve yet to sample D’USSÉ, but if it tastes as good as it looks then it’ll likely be a welcomed addition to the cognac world. The cognac is currently only available in select East Coast markets and retails for $44.99 (750-ml bottle).

Swoon-Worthy Chef & Television Host Anthony Bourdain Teaches You How To Make A Negroni

Anthony Bourdain making cocktails? Count me all the way in. I’m a huge fan of Bourdain’s Travel Channel show “No Reservations.” In fact, I just watched the episode where he visited Tijuana last night (a great episode by the way). Bourdain recently appeared on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” and while on set he took some time to show folks how to make the classic Negroni cocktail. The Negroni is a combination of gin, Sweet Vermouth, and Campari and according to Bourdain it’s so easy to make that even a chimpanzee could make it.  I’m having a bit of a hard time embedding the video (thanks WordPress!) so head on over to Foodista.com to check out the video.

Paula Patton & Robin Thicke Team Up With Rémy Martin For The Brands Newest Commercial (Video)

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are easily one of the most talked about and best looking couples in Hollywood so it was only a matter of time before one of the numerous liquor brands out there scooped them up. And Remy Martin has done just that with their newest commercial. The commercial features both Patton and Thicke in an almost whimsical bar/club setup. It kinda reminds me of a futuristic Moulin Rouge. And maybe I’m looking too much into it, but there also seems to be a bit of a Cinderella theme going on. Instead of a glass slipper you’ve got Thicke delivering a glass filled with Remy. Regardless, the commercial looks great and I really do hope we see future commercials/collaborations between Remy Martin and the couple.


Grey Goose Releases “Hotel Noir” Behind The Scenes Video With Commentary From A-Trak, Vashtie Kola & More


Prior to seeing this behind the scenes video courtesy of Grey Goose I was a bit curious as to where the commercial for their new Cherry Noir product was filmed. I figured it was at some uber-modern, chic hotel in Los Angeles or New York City so I was definitely surprised to learn that the commercial was actually filmed in an old mansion. Watch as A-Trak, Vashtie Kola, VV Brown, and more give a little commentary on what went into creating the “Hotel Noir” commercial.