Liquor Wars: Diddy Fires Shots At Grey Goose Cherry Noir Via Twitter

In today’s edition of “Liquor Wars” we have Diddy and Grey Goose…again. Diddy, whose role at Ciroc is that of brand manager (don’t quote me on that just yet), recently turned to his Twitter account to express his less than favorable opinion on Grey Goose’s latest flavor Cherry Noir.

Why don’t you tell us how you really feel Diddy?? Of all the “Liquor Wars” in existence this Ciroc vs. Grey Goose or more accurately Diddy vs. Grey Goose battle has proven to be quite hilarious. And that hilarity reached overwhelming levels late last year when Diddy unleashed his Ciroc fury on Grey Goose national influencer Kenny Burns and other non-Ciroc drinkers at a BET Hip Hop Awards party in Atlanta.

FYI: Ciroc, Diddy, and Grey Goose I’m more than willing to conduct a Lushworthy mediation session to end this feud once and for all. Just holler!

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Lushworthy News: Diddy Announces New Ciroc Peach Via Twitter

In addition to their coconut and red berry flavors vodka brand Ciroc will soon welcome a peach flavor to their collection of vodkas. Hip Hop connoisseur/Ciroc spokesperson Diddy made the announcement on Twitter earlier this week. I gotta tell ya though I’m far from excited about this latest Ciroc addition. I absolutely despise peach anything, but I do think there are a lot of people who will be eager to try Ciroc’s latest addition.

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The Lushworthy Gal’s Biggest Dating Turn-Off Courtesy Of Angela Yee

Personally, that’s kind of a turn-off for me as well. And now that I think of it “kind of” is a bit of an understatement. I have nothing against people that don’t drink, but I really need a “dinner and drinks” kind of guy.

Also, I’ve been scouring the net trying to find a contact for Ms. Yee but with no luck. I really want to start a celebrity drink recipe column (think “The Diddle Skittle”) and I think she’d be the perfect person to kick it off. So if anyone has any leads that would be awesome!

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Drink Recipes: Diddy’s Latest Ciroc Concoction

If you follow Diddy on Twitter chances are you’re very, VERY familiar with the fact that he’s the celebrity spokesperson for Ciroc Vodka. I actually unfollowed Diddy on Twitter awhile back, he was just a little too on the annoying side. But thankfully though one of my followers ReTweeted this interesting Ciroc cocktail recipe Diddy came up with. It’s called “The Diddle Skittle” and according to Diddy it’s like a “rainbow explosion in yo’ mouth.” Don’t worry, he of course threw in a necessary “pause” after that description. Check out the ingredients below in the Tweet posted. I would have posted an exact recipe, but this cocktail concoction already sounds a little sketchy so you guys are going to have to guess when it comes to the amounts for each ingredient. Good luck, I feel like you might need it lol. 

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