Craft Your Own Bourbon-Based Cocktails At Bourbon Bar’s “Mix & Pour” Mixology Class With Clay Livingston

Mix & Pour At Bourbon Bar

Bourbon-based cocktails tend to be a little intimidating when it comes to creating them in the comfort of your own home. Well, if you happen to reside in the Atlanta area and have been hoping to learn a thing or two about the beloved American whiskey then be sure to sign up for Bourbon Bar’s “Mix & Pour” mixology class and bourbon tasting which will take place on February 28. The class is only $20 per person and on top of learning how to make various bourbon-based cocktails from Clay Livingston, Bourbon Bar’s mixologist and head bartender, you’ll also have the opportunity to munch on various Southern-inspired bites. Check out the flyer above for more details and info on how to reserve your spot.

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The Top Four Places To Indulge In A Craft Cocktail In Atlanta

While your cran and vodka’s, gin and tonic’s, and other simplistic cocktails certainly have their place in the cocktail world, people have become increasingly intrigued by craft cocktails. And why wouldn’t they? They tend to be pretty darn delicious, they take you on a daring trip outside of the norm, and they’re usually made using the freshest of ingredients. For the record, I should probably give you a brief explanation of what exactly a craft cocktail is before diving head first into my list. Craft cocktails are cocktails that are typically made using ingredients that are fresh, rare, local, or even homemade. They’re usually seasonal and presented in unique glassware. Great, now that that’s out the way I present to you the best places in Atlanta to enjoy a craft cocktail.

Leon’s Full Service – I first knew that I had to check out Leon’s after seeing their head bartender Miles Macquarrie at a seminar at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival earlier in the year. Located in one of my favorite parts of town, downtown Decatur, Leon’s features both craft cocktails and drool-worthy grub (my favorite combination ever).  Their drink menu usually changes depending on the season and right now their cocktails are fully fall-friendly. I suggest “The Woodsman” cocktail (pictured above), it’s super seasonal and heavily on the tasty side.

Southern Art & Bourbon Bar – With cocktails that include the “Georgia Peach Smash,” the “Scarlett O’Hare,” and “Porch Swing Sling,” Southern Art & Bourbon Bar is the place you should certainly check out if you’d like a craft cocktail with a side of Southern charm. Located in The InterContinental Buckhead, this Lushworthy pick is known for both their cocktails and Southern-inspired dishes crafted by chef and restaurateur Art Smith.

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