My Two Cents On RA Sushi’s New Cocktails, The “Bikini Martini” & “Pineapple Express”

If you’re familiar with Japanese restaurant RA Sushi then you probably know that every few months they introduce seasonal cocktails to their drink menu. And with spring right around the corner RA has just introduced two tasty new cocktails to their menu and they are the “Pineapple Express” and the “Bikini Martini.” Right off the bat I’m going to go ahead and give RA five cool points for those amazing drink names. Want to know one way to killer a great cocktail? Give it a boring name so kudos to RA for the creativity.

I had the opportunity to sample the “Bikini Martini” and “Pineapple Express” this week during a tasting and both give off a very tropical, spring/summer vibe which is perfect since we’re inching closer to the warmer months. I have to admit that with its friendly hint of blue color (courtesy of the Blue Curacao) I really expected the “Bikini Martini” to be the least potent of the two drinks, but boy was I wrong. If you want a drink you can feel then definitely go for the “Bikini Martini.” Although it is a little on the strong side it’s still pretty tasty and the combination of┬áKai Young Coconut Shochu and vanilla vodka really gives the “Bikini Martini” a strong coconut taste.

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