RA Sushi To Celebrate Its 15th Anniversary With Vanilla Ice Martini’s, Baywatch Punch & Other 90’s-Inspired Cocktails

It’s hard to believe that the RA Sushi restaurant franchise has been open for a solid 15 years now. I was first introduced to the Atlanta RA Sushi about three years ago and they’ve definitely become one of my go-to spots for great sushi and cocktails. Since the first RA Sushi restaurant was opened in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona in 1997, RA will be celebrating its 15th anniversary at its various locations by taking it back to the 90’s (a.k.a. the best decade ever) on November 15 from 7 p.m. until closing. They’ll be serving up $5 specialty cocktails which will include the “Teen Spirit,” Pineapple or Grapefruit Gin and Juice, “Baywatch Punch,” “Vanilla Ice Martini,” and more.  You can also look forward to special 90’s-inspired sushi rolls including the “Fresh Prince Roll” and “Kramer Roll.”

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RA Sushi Gets Tropical With Their Newest Menu Pairing, The “Melon-Kiwi-Tini” & Watermelon Kiwi Shrimp

Midtown Atlanta restaurant RA Sushi has become quite well-known for their seasonal additions to both their food and cocktail menu’s and with tasty concoctions like the “Melon-Kiwi-Tini” I can see why. The “Melon-Kiwi-Tini” will join RA Sushi’s watermelon kiwi shrimp as the restaurants newest pairing for the month of June. Their latest fruity cocktail is made using Monin Watermelon, Svedka Citron, Shochu, and a splash of citrus soda and as an added touch watermelon and kiwi slices are added as a garnish. The pairing is available at RA Sushi for a modest $18 from June 1st to June 30th.

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My Two Cents On RA Sushi’s New Cocktails, The “Bikini Martini” & “Pineapple Express”

If you’re familiar with Japanese restaurant RA Sushi then you probably know that every few months they introduce seasonal cocktails to their drink menu. And with spring right around the corner RA has just introduced two tasty new cocktails to their menu and they are the “Pineapple Express” and the “Bikini Martini.” Right off the bat I’m going to go ahead and give RA five cool points for those amazing drink names. Want to know one way to killer a great cocktail? Give it a boring name so kudos to RA for the creativity.

I had the opportunity to sample the “Bikini Martini” and “Pineapple Express” this week during a tasting and both give off a very tropical, spring/summer vibe which is perfect since we’re inching closer to the warmer months. I have to admit that with its friendly hint of blue color (courtesy of the Blue Curacao) I really expected the “Bikini Martini” to be the least potent of the two drinks, but boy was I wrong. If you want a drink you can feel then definitely go for the “Bikini Martini.” Although it is a little on the strong side it’s still pretty tasty and the combination of Kai Young Coconut Shochu and vanilla vodka really gives the “Bikini Martini” a strong coconut taste.

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RA Sushi Introduces Their “Skinny Cocktails,” A Perfect Option For The Calorie Conscious

With the start of the new year comes new goals and I’m sure that for a large percentage of people one of those goals is to shed a few pounds. I don’t know about you all, but when it comes to eating healthy it’s a piece of cake at home (I don’t mean that literally) but the real temptation for me comes from eating out at restaurants. You’ve got appetizers, dessert, and cocktails that are absolutely loaded with calories. Thankfully though Atlanta’s RA Sushi had those of us trying to take on healthier lifestyles in mind when they created their “Skinny Cocktails.” There are a total of three “Skinny Cocktails” and they include the “Lychee-teenie,” “Skinny Ninja,” and “Thin Ginger.” And they’re all made with fresh, good for you ingredients like lemon juice, grapefruit juice, and yuzu puree.

All of the “Skinny Cocktails” are under 200-calories and sell for $8 each. And they’ll only be available at RA Sushi until February 29th.

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RA Sushi Atlanta Introduces Their “Perfect Pear” Seasonal Cocktails For Fall

Love pears and sushi? I know that’s kind of a weird combination, but if you do then you should really make your way over to RA Sushi to try out their new “The Perfect Pear” cocktails. The two pear cocktails, the “Pear Martini” and the “Asian Pear Smash,” are a seasonal addition to RA’s cocktail menu. Now on top of peach, pear is another one of my least favorite fruits (I swear I’m not this picky in real life!) so you guys are probably gonna have to fill me in on how these pear cocktails from RA are. I’ve listed the ingredients to both cocktails below in case you’re curious. Oh, and if you do check out RA for their “The Perfect Pear” cocktails then you HAVE to try their California Roll! Yumm-city!

Pear Martini


1.25 oz. Absolut Pears vodka

.5 oz. St. Germain Elderflower liqueur

1 oz. pear nectar

.25 oz. fresh lemon juice

Splash Prosecco


Combine vodka, St. Germain, pear nectar and lemon juice in a shaker with ice. Shake and pour into glass. Top with Prosecco.

Asian Pear Smash


1.5 oz. Absolut Pears vodka

.5 oz. falernum

1 shiso leaf

1.5 oz. pear nectar

.25 oz. fresh lemon juice

Splash of soda

2-1 inch pear slices


Muddle pear and remaining ingredients. Shake and pour in a glass over ice. Garnish with pear slices.

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