Toast To The Final Days Of Summer With The “End Of Summer Fling”

Can you believe how fast summer has gone? It’s hard to believe we’re already in the final weeks of barbecuing, pool hopping, and sipping on tropics-inspired cocktails. Since my love for summery cocktails runs deep, I created a special drink to help us bid adieu to the season. I call it the End Of Summer Fling. Cute, right? The spirits I’ve used for this particular cocktail are Grey Goose and Chambord.

I wanted to keep my creation relatively light, and I also wanted the flavor from the Chambord to really shine through, so I opted for Lemon La Croix and fresh lime juice to top off my cocktail.

Check out the full recipe to the “End Of Summer Fling,” below. And cheers to an awesome remainder of summer!


1 oz. Chambord
1 oz. Grey Goose
6 oz. Lemon La Croix
Fresh Lime
Lime Wheel Or Black Raspberries (For Garnish)


Add Chambord and Grey Goose to a glass with ice, and stir. Top with La Croix. Add more ice, if desired. Add a hearty squeeze of fresh lime. Garnish with lime wedge or black raspberries.

Photos by Talaia W. 

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Grey Goose’s Le Logis Opens Its Doors For The Ultimate Vodka Vacation

Grey Goose Le Logis

Do you guys mind it if I get my brag on for a hot second? Much appreciated. A few years back, I had the opportunity to visit Le Logis as part of an immersion trip with Grey Goose. Le Logis is the French manor brand home for Grey Goose, and it’s located in the Cognac region of France. Given that Le Logis is in fact a French Manor in Cognac, it’s absolutely divine. During the time I spent there, we were treated to exquisite meals that were created on site and enjoyed lots of, you guessed it, Grey Goose. It was there that I was introduced to my favorite Grey Goose cocktail, Le Fizz.

Oh crap, I forgot that I said that I would only brag for “a hot second.” Well, this exclusive experience is no longer super exclusive. Grey Goose will offer guest experiences at Le Logis from August 4 – 6 and August 25 – 27 of this year. According to a press release, “The GREY GOOSE Le Logis Summer Open House will offer guests a specially curated journey that explores what lies behind the French luxury vodka brand with a unique, two–day itinerary.”

All of this of course comes with a cost, and it’s a pretty penny. The trip costs $1,800 per person and includes “return luxury airport transfers from Bordeaux and Angouleme, two nights B&B in a single, twin or double bedroom, all meals cooked by an in-house chef, expertly crafted GREY GOOSE cocktails prepared by an on-site mixologist, soft drinks, snacks, tours and experiences.”

To purchase your trip, you can visit the Brown + Hudson website.

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Grey Goose’s New “La Pursuit” Commercial Is Très Jolie

Grey Goose La Pursuit

Grey Goose has released their latest commercial, an almost fairy tale-like visual titled “La Pursuit,” which serves as an accompaniment to the brand’s Fly Beyond campaign. The whimsical commercial, created by BBDO Worldwide, follows a young group as they quite literally hit the clouds in search of Grey Goose’s winged icon.

“‘Fly Beyond’ is a timeless platform,” David Lubars, chief creative officer of BBDO Worldwide, said in a statement obtained by AdWeek. “Our job was to make it relevant for what’s happening today. In the end, you want people looking at every part of the campaign thinking, ‘I want to be part of that.'”

You can check out Grey Goose’s “La Pursuit” commercial, below. Cheers!

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Grey Goose Goes To Infinity And Beyond Thanks To Virgin Galactic Partnership

Grey Goose Virgin GalacticOver the past few years we’ve gradually learned more about Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic project and we now know that Grey Goose has jumped on board as a partner for Branson’s galactic endeavor. I know what you’re thinking, “Vodka and space? I’m not sure if that’s the smartest combo.” But I can assure you that Grey Goose’s partnership with Virgin Galactic goes far beyond in-flight cocktails.

According to a press release, “Grey Goose will bring this space journey to life through a range of out-of-this-world experiences, exclusive content and a series of limited edition promotions.” And yes, Grey Goose will be sipped by those taking part in Virgin Galactic’s commercial space flights. Likely some time before their galactic journey though. I personally have no fear of heights/planes, but I think I’d need quite a few Grey Goose signature cocktails if I was to ever take a flight to space.

“This is a marriage of two brands who share values and a true sense that if you can imagine it, it can be done. Not only do we both follow the same long-term vision that the extraordinary can be achieved from acting on your beliefs, but we also look forward to celebrating this iconic cultural moment in time with those on the ground,” said Grey Goose creator, François Thibault.

Virgin Galactic is expected to launch its first commercial space flight in 2015.

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Drink Recipes: “Fly Beyond” With Cocktails Served At Grey Goose Blue Door At Sundance

Grey Goose Le Fizz

The 2014 Sundance Film Festival officially bid adieu to Park City, Utah yesterday (January 26) after 10 days filled to the brim with film screenings and other festive events. Among those present during the annual film fete was Grey Goose who again hosted their Grey Goose Blue Door lounge.

Part celebratory space, part craft cocktail haven, the signature cocktails were of course plentiful at this year’s Grey Goose Blue Door lounge. Among the cocktails served at the lounge were the “Grey Goose Le Fizz,” a combination of Grey Goose Vodka, St. Germain, fresh lime juice, and soda water and the “Grey Goose Hot Apple Cider.” I can personally vouch for the “Grey Goose Le Fizz” (that is one tasty cocktail, folks), but I’m sure Grey Goose’s take on hot apple cider was a hit especially given the brisk temps typically present in Park City.

The Sundance Film Festival may have come to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t login into your Netflix account, fix yourself one of the Grey Goose cocktails below, and enjoy your own personal film fest.

Grey Goose Le Fizz (Pictured Above)


1 ¼ oz Grey Goose Vodka
2/3 oz St. Germain
½ oz Fresh Lime Juice
1 ½ oz Cold Soda Water


Shake over ice and strain into a flute glass, serve topped with soda.

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Lushworthy News: Francois Thibault Shares His Inspiring Story In Grey Goose’s “Fly Beyond” Commercial

Francois Thibault Fly BeyondLast year, Grey Goose kept the party going with their lively Hotel Noir commercial, and this month the brand has chosen to switch things up a bit with their newly-released Fly Beyond commercial. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, the commercial, which is part of a new ad campaign from Grey Goose, is far more subtle than last year’s chic Hotel Noir ad. It features Grey Goose creator Francois Thibault and focuses on the obstacles Monsieur Thibault was forced to overcome when he revealed his plans to create a vodka made using spring water and ” the finest soft winter wheat.”

Similar to Hotel Noir, the Fly Beyond commercial boasts some incredibly chic moments, but there’s also a great story there as well. And you gotta love an inspiring story, whether it’s from a French Cellar Master or someone who happens to be a bit more local.

“Fly Beyond is more than a campaign for us,” said Lyle Tick, senior global category director for Grey Goose vodka. “This campaign gives people something new to discover about a brand they thought they knew and helps them understand why Grey Goose does, in fact, Fly Beyond.”

Also, be on the lookout for more details on Grey Goose’s interactive Fly Beyond, Times Square billboard. The digital billboard will allow fans of the brand the opportunity to have their Grey Goose-inspired social media posts featured on the billboard.

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