Here’s How You Can Score A Free Glass Of Champagne On Valentine’s Day Courtesy Of Ibotta

Ibotta, one of my favorite apps, is offering quite the Lushworthy deal this Valentine’s Day. On February 14, Ibotta users can score a free glass of champagne at a restaurant of their choosing simply by using the app. Since Ibotta is a rebate app, you’ll have to purchase the glass of champagne on your own, and then upload an itemized receipt to the app. From there, you’ll receive cashback through the app (up to $5). You can then withdraw that money to your Paypal account or swap it out for a gift card (Sephora, Target, etc). 

If needed, here’s a more detailed explanation on how to obtain this boozy Valentine’s Day offer, straight from Ibotta:

“Anyone with a smartphone can simply download the free Ibotta app, open the Restaurants and Bars category, tap the ‘Champagne Toast’ rebate and enjoy a free glass of bubbly of their choosing (up to a $5 value) at any local restaurant or bar. After purchase, users just need to upload their receipt through the Ibotta app to get their $5 reward.”

Cheers to free bubbly! 

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Live #Lushworthy Cocktail Creator (Free Download)

Cocktail Creator Pic

Hello fellow lushes! If you follow me on social media, then you probably already know that I’m planning on releasing an eBook later this month with fun, fall cocktails. The eBook will be the first in a series of eBooks titled “Live #Lushworthy.” Fun, right?! I have to say I’m pretty excited about it. And to get you guys amped up for its release, I created a Live #Lushworthy Cocktail Creator you can use to create your own cocktails. It’s a free download, and it’s a great tool for party planning, organizing, and more.

Click here to download the Live #Lushworthy Cocktail Creator. Enjoy!

Tips on how to use the Live #Lushworthy Cocktail Creator:

  • Have fun and be creative!
  • Under “Liquor,” use the “Other” space to write in spirits not listed (liqueurs, wine, etc).
  • Under “Measurements,” if you’re using ounces circle “Oz.” and if you’re using cups circle “Cups.” Add the numeric measurement in the space provided to the left. Use the space after “of” to add your ingredient. (Example: 2 Oz. of Vodka or 1 Cup of Lemonade)
  • A completed Live #Lushworthy Cocktail Creator can be found below.

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