Here’s How You Can Score A Free Glass Of Champagne On Valentine’s Day Courtesy Of Ibotta

Ibotta, one of my favorite apps, is offering quite the Lushworthy deal this Valentine’s Day. On February 14, Ibotta users can score a free glass of champagne at a restaurant of their choosing simply by using the app. Since Ibotta is a rebate app, you’ll have to purchase the glass of champagne on your own, and then upload an itemized receipt to the app. From there, you’ll receive cashback through the app (up to $5). You can then withdraw that money to your Paypal account or swap it out for a gift card (Sephora, Target, etc). 

If needed, here’s a more detailed explanation on how to obtain this boozy Valentine’s Day offer, straight from Ibotta:

“Anyone with a smartphone can simply download the free Ibotta app, open the Restaurants and Bars category, tap the ‘Champagne Toast’ rebate and enjoy a free glass of bubbly of their choosing (up to a $5 value) at any local restaurant or bar. After purchase, users just need to upload their receipt through the Ibotta app to get their $5 reward.”

Cheers to free bubbly! 

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Drink Recipes: Chandon Celebrates “Flower Power” With New Campaign & Spring Inspired Recipes

Chandon Flower Power

I’m sure we’re all eager to break out the fruity-flavored vodka’s and other spirits now that we’ve finally found ourselves welcoming Spring and while those are of course pretty ideal, you can also create a pretty refreshing, seasonal cocktail using sparkling wine. With the launch of their new “Flower Power” campaign, Chandon has released a handful of drink recipes that are perfect for the season. The addition of St. Germain in the “Chandon Spring Blossom” caught my attention almost immediately, but can we talk about how amazing the “Chandon Rose Granite” both looks and sounds? How perfect would that icy concoction be for a Spring shindig?

You can find recipes for all three cocktails below and be sure to lookout for exclusive Chandon bottles that include a plantable necker at your local retailer. Made using  biodegradable paper, the plantable necker’s are just one aspect of Chandon’s green-friendly “Flower Power” campaign.

Chandon Rose GraniteChandon Rose Granite


1 bottle (750 ml) Chandon Rose
1 3/4 cups/525 ml Simple Syrup
1 cup sparkling water
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice


In a large bowl or plastic container, combine the Rose, Simple Syrup, sparkling water, and lemon juice. Stir thoroughly. Cover and place in the freezer until solid, 5–6 hours. To serve, use a spoon or fork to scrape the ice into a martini glass or any other small stemware. Serves 8–10

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How Many Of You Guys Have Tried The Guinness & Champagne Cocktail Known As “Black Velvet?”

Black Velvet Cocktail

I briefly tapped into my not so Lushworthy side last week while attending a media dinner at Ri Ra Irish Pub in Midtown Atlanta when I had absolutely no idea what a “Black Velvet” cocktail was. For the record, it’s a simple albeit surprising cocktail that’s made using champagne and Guinness extra stout. Interesting combination, right? I still have yet to get my hands on one so I’m curious to know if anyone’s ever had one of these bad boys and if so, what were your thoughts? Hit me up in the comments section!

Oh, and here’s a short video from the folks at the Guinness Storehouse on how to make a “Black Velvet” cocktail.

You’ll Also Like: Drink Recipe: Toast To St. Patrick’s Day With A Guinness Ice Cream Float

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Lushworthy Pics: Jay-Z Breaks Out The Armand de Brignac For His Shawn Carter Foundation Carnival

The Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades) champagne was quite present at rapper Jay-Z’s  Shawn Carter Foundation Carnival which took place late last month. I think it’s suffice to say that Armand de Brignac is a hands down favorite for Jay-Z. Attendee’s dished out some serious cash to attend the carnival and Jay-Z reportedly raised an impressive one million dollars for his foundation. On top of copious amounts of Armand de Brignac guests were also treated to a number of other spirits throughout the night thanks to an epic open bar. It’s nice to see such Lushworthy-ness put to a great cause. To donate to the Shawn Carter Foundation visit

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Celebrate Bastille Day With Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label

You don’t have to be French to bask in the glory that is Bastille Day. If you’re in the celebratory mood crack open a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and party like it’s 1789. Oh, and if you feel that you need a little more info on what exactly Bastille Day is before you pop open that bottle of champagne head on over to its Wiki page for a detailed description of the holiday. Ah, nothing like a little enlightenment and bubbly.

And be sure to check out Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label, it’s described as being quite the ideal champagne when it comes to celebrating.

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