Lushworthy News: Georgia Aquarium Announces Date For 6th Annual Aqua Vino

If you’re a wine lover who lives in the Atlanta area then consider the Georgia Aquarium’s Aqua Vino the creme de la creme of wine tastings. I really, really had to contain myself when browsing through the list of wines and restaurants featured at last years Aqua Vino. Oh, and did I mention the best part? The 6th Annual Aqua Vino will take place on…MY BIRTHDAY, October 13! Okay, that might not necessarily be a high point for you but it’s pretty darn cool for me. It’s also reason #325 why I really need to make this years Aqua Vino wine tasting my first.

Here’s a little more info about the event directly from the Georgia Aquarium Website: “Georgia Aquarium invites you to our 6th Annual Aqua Vino on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011. Enjoy and sample more than 200 fine wines from around the globe, gourmet fare from Atlanta’s premier restaurants, a live, silent and wine auction and live music. All proceeds from Aqua Vino support the Aquarium’s Veterinary Services through the Correll Center for Aquatic Animal Health.”

Tickets will range in price from $150 to $375 per person so you may want to start saving your pennies now.

Picture Courtesy Of The Georgia Aquarium

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The Lushworthy Gal’s Biggest Dating Turn-Off Courtesy Of Angela Yee

Personally, that’s kind of a turn-off for me as well. And now that I think of it “kind of” is a bit of an understatement. I have nothing against people that don’t drink, but I really need a “dinner and drinks” kind of guy.

Also, I’ve been scouring the net trying to find a contact for Ms. Yee but with no luck. I really want to start a celebrity drink recipe column (think “The Diddle Skittle”) and I think she’d be the perfect person to kick it off. So if anyone has any leads that would be awesome!

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Shark Week Just Got A Little More Exciting, Introducing The Shark Week Drinking Game

I know Shark Week hardly needs any more excitement, but come on you really can’t pass up on the chance to make a drinking game out of this week-long Discovery Channel extravaganza. Alright to take part in the Shark Week Drinking Game you’re going to need a shot glass for your shots and a cup full of the mixed drink of your choice or a beer. Most drinking games usually consist of just shots, but with some of these you’re likely to end up taking A LOT of shots so instead we’re gonna mix it up a bit with shots and sips of your mixed drink.

1. Kick off with an introductory shot dedicated to Samuel L. Jackson’s character in “Deep Blue Sea.”

2. Every time the movie “Jaws” is mentioned take a sip of your mixed drink.

3. The first person to audibly express their excitement at a shark jumping out of the water takes two shots. After that take it down to one shot.

4. Take a shot anytime you see a commercial from a company that thinks they’re Australian (i.e. Fosters, Outback Steakhouse). With a high number of sharks in Australia you’re likely to see tons of commercials from these kind of establishments.

5. Take a shot anytime they show B-roll footage of a child or children playing innocently on the beach.

6. Take a sip of your mixed drink every time you see a seal, fake seal, or group of seals.

7. Whenever someone gives advice on getting away from a shark (punching it in the nose, hitting it in the eye, etc.) take a shot.

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Got A Sweet Tooth? This Jolly Rancher Infused Vodka Has Your Name On It

I swear one of these days I’m gonna throw an end of summer bash and have vodka-soaked gummy bears, Jell-O shots, and now Jolly Rancher vodka! Ever since I started this blog I’ve come across all kinds of creative drink recipes with Jolly Rancher vodka being the latest. Thanks to my homie Stealth I discovered this video on how to make Jolly Rancher vodka and of all the unique recipes I’ve come across in the past month this one seems like it’s the easiest and least time consuming. So now that we’ve got candy, popcorn, and Jell-O covered who wants to come up with a drink recipe involving cotton candy? If you can you will be forever praised on this blog my friend.

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Lushworthy News: Tour Dates For Malibu Rum’s Station Invasion Tour With Ciara & Taio Cruz

To celebrate summer Malibu Rum has teamed up with singers Ciara and Taio Cruz for a summer concert series titled the Radio Maliboom Boom Station Invasion Tour. The tour kicked off earlier this month in Miami and has made stops in Virginia Beach, Jersey Shore, and Boston. As far as I know tickets to the concert can only be won so be sure to check out Malibu’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well as for your chance to win tickets.

The remaining tour dates for the Radio Maliboom Boom Station Invasion Tour are as follows:

Thursday, August 4:  New York City, NY — Ciara
Saturday, August 13:  Dallas, TX — Ciara
Thursday, August 18: Chicago, IL — Ciara
Thursday, August 25: Los Angeles, CA — Taio Cruz
Saturday, August 27: San Diego, CA — Taio Cruz
Thursday, September 1: Phoenix, AZ — Taio Cruz

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Drink Recipe: What’s This New “Candy Corona” All About?


So while browsing the net I’ve come across a few pictures of what appears to be some new kind of Corona. It’s in the regular Corona bottle, but instead of a yellowish hue it has more of a red one. I of course assumed that Corona was introducing some new kind of beer, but after doing a little research I found out that that’s not the case. It’s called the “Candy Corona” and it’s a regular bottle of Corona but with a splash of grenadine and vodka added to it. Apparently it’s the “new new.” I gotta be honest with you guys though, I’m sure I’ll give this a shot just to see what’s it’s about but it sounds pretty awful if you ask me.

Just the thought of Corona and grenadine is making my stomach do flips. Who came up with that? And to be honest I might feel a tad embarrassed asking a bartender to make a “Candy Corona.” I just pray that they know what it is and that I don’t have to explain to them that I want a bottle of Corona with a shot of vodka and grenadine it. That might just warrant an immediate call to AA. But I shall man up for the masses and give this very unique drink a try. Check for a review on here some time next week. And for those eager to try the “Candy Corona” check out the recipe below.


1 shot vodka
1 tbsp grenadine
1 bottle of Corona
A slice of lime


Drink your bottle of Corona a little bit past the neck. Add the shot of vodka and grenadine. Tightly cover the top of your bottle and shake to mix ingredients. Add a slice of lime.

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