Lushworthy In Puerto Rico: The Cheapest Rum And Coke’s Around

Of course I would find the cheapest rum and Coke’s in Puerto Rico on my last night there. Then again maybe it was for the better. While walking around the streets of Isla Verde at night I stumbled across Billiard Palace and their magnificent $3.50 rum and Coke’s. The liquor they used to make my drink was Bacardi which I was somewhat surprised at because of the low price. The drinks were pretty strong too. So if you ever find yourself in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico on one of those “I really want to hang, but my spending money is looking quite famished nights” then Billiard Palace is the spot for you.

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Lushworthy In Puerto Rico: You Had Me At “Rum Punch”

Now when you’ve spent a full day walking around the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan and you’re trying to find a restaurant to fill your empty stomach the first thing you notice when checking out a restaurants menu is the food, right? Well if you’re the Lushworthy type like myself you probably can’t help but check out their drink menu first. So when we found Jamaican restaurant Blessed Cafe my eyes immediately went to their drink menu, their rum punch menu in particular. And there were quite a few Lushworthy choices to choose from.

I ended up getting the “Caribbean Splash” which was both tasty and potent, my kind of drink. And I had a Corona with dinner which consisted of curry chicken, rice & beans, and a side salad. It was all just as delicious as the drink. Blessed Cafe was an all around amazing experience. The owner Tony was super friendly, I was loving the Bob Marley they were playing, and they were showing “Cool Runnings” on the TV above the bar! Looove that movie! ¬†

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The Best Drink I Ever Had…

While writing up that Renaissance Hotel¬†opening celebration story I remembered a trip to Aruba I took a few years ago. And while reminiscing on this lovely trip the first thing that came to mind was this amaaaaazing frozen drink I had while there. It was at a cute little outdoor bar and grill at the Renaissance Aruba’s private island. Now it took a great deal of Googling to find the name of this particular restaurant and the name of the drink but I’m about 85 percent sure that I was able to find the correct name of the The Best Drink I Ever Had.

It’s called the “Banana Jammer” and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I’m pretty much sold on any frozen drink that has “banana” in the name but to be quite frank a lot of them suck. They all seem to taste like cheap liquor, ice, and banana flavored Now N’ Laters. But the “Banana Jammer” was perfect! Imagine an absolutely amazing banana milkshake with liquor in it. It’s like that but 10 times better. So needless to say if you’re ever in Aruba you have to check out Papagayo Bar & Grill and order yourself a “Banana Jammer.”

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