Adorada, The Chic, New Line Of Wines That Proves To Be A Real Head-Turner

It’s not often that you come across a bottle of wine that’s sexier than Idris Elba in his Sunday best, but Adorada Wines have managed to do just that. The bottles for their Rose and Pinot Gris wines both boast a heavy swath of black wax that looks oh so sleek paired with the champagne-hue of their Pinot Gris and light pink-hue of their Rosé. Seriously, I had to take a dozen photos on sight. 

Adding to Adorada’s allure is the fact that it’s inspired by luxury fragrance.

“We crafted these wines to exhibit the evocative floral aromas usually associated with fragrant perfume,” said Adorada winemaker Margaret Leonardi. “We wanted to change things up a bit—to balance the kiss-stained hue of our Rosé with an unexpected nose of spice and botanicals, to bring the aromatics front and center in a typically understated varietal like Pinot Gris.”

I enjoyed both the Rosé and the Pinot Gris, but I was most impressed by the Pinot Gris. It was subtly sweet and refreshing. Perfect sipping for when you want to enjoy these last few days of summer. Although I enjoyed both wines, what I didn’t enjoy was the arduous task of chipping away at the black wax on each bottle to get to the cork. Sheesh. 

Adorada’s Rosé and Pinot Gris wines are both available for purchase for only $19.99. 


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The Atlanta Bars Providing An Authentic Turn Up

If you’ve lived in the city of Atlanta for at least a decade, you’re probably well aware of the swift changes being made to the city. New buildings are finding their place within the Atlanta skyline, every weekend seems to be met with a restaurant opening, and Murder Kroger is now long gone.

I’m not against finding new and exciting places to get my drink on, but it’s becoming increasingly harder to find an authentically Atlantan, good time. So, if you’re struggling to find a bar with a true Atlanta turn up, I’ve compiled a list of my personal, favorites.

The list is lit to say the least.

Jack’s Pizza & Wings – I absolutely LOVE Jack’s. They have some of the cheapest drinks in all of The A. The wings are bomb and I’ve met so many cool/fun/crazy people while late night drinking. Speaking of which, shout out to the random at Jack’s who gave my best friend and I life while snap-dancing to D4L’s “Laffy Taffy.” Jack’s is one of those places where you’ll be met with random shenanigans nearly any night, and for that I love it. 

El Bar – What El Bar lacks in size, it makes up for in pure turn up. Seriously this place is small AF, but also lit AF. It’s almost magical. I take that back, it is magical. With the gentrification of Ponce running rampant, places like El Bar and MJQ have become treasured jewels of turn up. 

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KINKY Cocktails Introduces New Instagram-worthy Packaging + New Summer Flavors

In the age of capturing the perfect photo, whether it be a sipping selfie or a snap of a craft cocktail, aesthetics are everything. With that being said, KINKY Cocktails has introduced their new, summer-inspired packaging and it’s very easy on the eyes. In heavenly hues of pink, green, and yellow, the package designs for KINKY Cocktails Pink, Summer, and Sunshine are meant to make their fruit-filled, flavor profiles pop. 

“We really just wanted to inject a little more of the brand’s personality into the packaging,” Prestige Creative Director, Joanne Campo said in a statement. “We definitely feel that the new packaging captures the naughty nature of the brand while helping us stand out on the shelf.”

And just in time for the sweltering heat of summer, KINKY Cocktails has introduced a new flavor, KINKY Cocktails Sunshine. They’ve also announced the seasonal return of a favorite, KINKY Cocktails Summer

Get your hands on a six-pack of your KINKY Cocktails flavor of choice for only $7.99, nationwide. Cheers! 

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Get Your Sip & Swim On With A Rooftop Pool Pass To The W Downtown Atlanta’s WETBAR

The pool party, it’s a summertime staple. But if, like me, you’ve found yourself pool-less and baking in the Southern heat, Scoutmob and the W Downtown Atlanta have teamed up for a deal that is sure to keep you cool. On Saturdays and Sundays this summer, you can purchase a guest pass to WETBAR at the W Downtown Atlanta for $20 (normally $30). In addition to being able to play Marco Polo in the rooftop pool at one of the city’s swankiest hotels, your pass also includes a complimentary cocktail, towel service, and live music. 

And we’re not just talking about any live music here, folks. Gritz & Jelly Butter serves as the house band at WETBAR, and they are hands down one of the most sought after bands in The A. 

Check out Scoutmob to purchase your WETBAR pool pass. Cheers!

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How To Survive A Visit To A Dive Bar If You’re Hella Bougie

I’m a thirty-something, so I definitely understand the allure of sipping Rose at a sparkly rooftop bar or visiting a chic eatery for a craft cocktail. But at the end of the day, I LOVE DIVE BARS! Why do I love dive bars? Well, there’s a number of tantalizing reasons. Let’s start off with the most frugal: drinks are cheap. There’s usually a solid Happy Hour, and on top of that drinks are usually cheap to begin with. Also, I love shenanigans, And drunken shenanigans have no limit at dive bars.

Sadly, my love for dive bars isn’t as popular among the 30+ crowd. But for those curious, I’ve created a mini guide to help you maneuver your way through just about any dive bar. So, let’s dive right in! (See what I did there?)

Have No Expectations

If you want to expect the best, that’s cool. I like your optimism. But be prepared for shoddy bartenders, “Real Housewives” level drama, and dogs just casually chilling at the bar. (See below for proof of the latter)

Dogs are also #LUSHWORTHY.

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Atlanta’s Best Bets For Cinco de Mayo (Or #TacoTuesday & #TequilaTuesday)

In preparation for Cinco de Mayo, myself and two other bloggers (Kiwi and Talaia) took part in our first ever #TacoTourATL. Over a span of two days, we sampled tacos and cocktails from five Atlanta eateries, and it was just as delicious as it sounds. To give you an idea of where you can spend Cinco de Mayo, or even #TacoTuesday or #TequilaTuesday, I’ve created a superlative-style list featuring the five restaurants we visited on our #TacoTourATL. 

Best Taco: Mezcalito’s Cantina 

For me, simplicity is key when it comes to a great taco. That and a worthy amount of toppings. Trust me, no one likes a dry taco. With that being said, my choice for Best Taco goes to Mezcalito’s Cantina, and their shrimp taco. I loved that Mezcalito’s didn’t skimp on shrimp. Each shrimp taco came with about five large, fried shrimp and a generous helping of jalapeno mayo and cabbage.  It was delish. You can also affordably make it a meal by adding rice and beans to any order of two tacos for a total of $10. As far as drinks, Talaia and Kiwi were in absolute looove with their Basil Margarita. I opted for the pomegranate-heavy Pom Rita, which I enjoyed. 

Also, I should add that the plantains and cheese dip with chipotle from Mezcalito’s are worthy of at least an honorable mention. 

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