My Goal Of Keeping Fit As A Food/Drink Writer

It’s a new year, and with that comes new goals. As a food/drink writer, health and wellness is usually pretty high up on my list of priorities for the new year. I mean, you really can’t go around drinking all the margaritas and eating all the nachos without putting in some cardio here and there, and getting your fruits and veggies in.

Funny enough, despite my love for margs and queso, I fall into the category of people who actually enjoy working out. I lowkey live for busting a sweat on a warm (humidity-free!) spring day. But the primary issue I have with working out is finding appropriate workout gear. It’s truly a struggle. I’m usually one to wear my workout kicks until the soles fall off, and I’m definitely one to double up when it comes to sports bras.  The doubling up is a hassle, and for the most part, it’s not even that effective when it comes to keeping your ta-tas in place when you’re hitting the infamous elliptical machine. And the biggest problem with an ill-fitting sports bra(s) is that it can be downright demotivating. 

Thankfully, there are brands out there that have crafted sports bras that fully eliminate the need to double-up, for us ladies out there with fuller chests. Additionally, gone are the days of bland sports bras that lack color and femininity. My sports bra hunt has uncovered a plethora of patterns, colors, and other feminine detailing for this workout necessity. 

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Miracle Atlanta: The Holiday Pop-Up Bar You HAVE To Visit

Returning to Atlanta for its second year is Miracle On Monroe, the holiday pop-up bar that’s as cheery as it is Lushworthy. From the tabletops covered in wrapping paper to the Christmas lights that fill nearly every inch of the ceiling, this place oozes holiday spirit, but in a good way. In addition to its original location off of Monroe Drive (next to Landmark Midtown Art Cinema), Miracle now has a second location: Miracle Two The Shops Buckhead Atlanta. I’ve yet to visit the new location in Buckhead, but I can say that the Monroe spot is super cozy, in space and feel.

As far as booze, Miracle features several signature cocktails ($12) and shots ($5). My personal favorites were the “Yippie Ki Yay Mother F****r” and “Christmapolitan.” A clear ode to the Die Hard franchise, the “Yippie Ki Yay Mother F****r” was a pleasantly sippable combination of Barbados rum, cachaca, overproof rum, purple yam-coconut orgeat, and pineapple. And with additions like cranberry sauce and rosemary, the Christmapolitan (pictured above) was festive both visually and taste-wise. Shots are available in “Naughty” (cinnamon and bourbon) or “Nice” (rum, peppermint, and chocolate). 

Both Miracle On Monroe and Miracle Two The Shops Buckhead Atlanta will be open until December 24. 

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Drink Amarula Cream Liqueur & Help Save African Elephants, It’s That Easy

It’s always great when you can be Lushworthy while also supporting a great cause. Amarula Cream Liqueur, which is crafted from the fruit of the Marula tree in South Africa, has partnered with WildlifeDIRECT to help raise funds to protect African elephants.

Together, the two have made it super easy to contribute to their newly-launched, “Don’t Let Them Disappear” campaign. For my folks based here in the United States, all you have to do is purchase a bottle of Amarula, and $1 will be donated to WildlifeDIRECT. Easy as pie. Funds will be used to support WildlifeDIRECT’s on-the-ground conservation efforts in Africa. The “Don’t Let Them Disappear” campaign has already begun, and will conclude at the end of 2017.

Thanks to Amarula and WildlifeDIRECT, it looks like we now know what you’ll be gifting your animal-loving, boozy friends for the holiday season.

To create some momentum for Amarula and WildlifeDIRECT’s campaign, myself and other bloggers were gifted with a safari-themed care package. I did an unboxing on Instagram Stories, and those who watched seemed just as excited as I was. I’m in love with the Kente cloth I was gifted, and the elephant stirrers are everything. 

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A Mini-Guide To Visiting Cannes

Cannes, an upscale resort town along the French Riviera, has some of the most luxurious villas in France for rent, the best sandy beaches and warm Mediterranean waters. Tourists often come to taste the high-quality food in a beautiful environment and enjoy the World famous Cannes Film Festival. Here’s a mini-guide on taking a holiday to one of France’s most laid-back towns.

When is the Best Time to Visit Cannes?

Summer often has temperatures in the high 20’s and low 30’s whereas winters rarely get particularly cold. The coastal town also gets many sunny days during the year. Visitors often come in the warmer months to enjoy the beach and swim in the Med or to attend the Film Festival in May. But, Cannes also transforms into a Christmas wonderland towards the end of December with several traditional markets sprouting up. In short, Cannes makes a great tourist destination in France at any time of the year.

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From Bourboncello To Kale Salad, A Ranking Of The Best Eats & Drinks At Decatur’s Revival

Given that Revival is owned by former “Top Chef” contestant Kevin Gillespie, and has been receiving praise around town, the restaurant has been on my foodie to-do list for a minute. Tucked away in downtown Decatur, Revival is located in a quaint house on Church Street, which comfortably rests a few blocks from the hustle and bustle of Ponce. The Southern eatery is housed in what appears to be a converted home, creating an exterior that adds even more to the “dinner at grandma’s” feel of the restaurant. 

During my visit to Revival, I sampled a great deal off the menu (thanks in part to their family style option), and opted to create a list of my personal favorites. So, here goes…

Bourboncello – I’ve never been much of a digestif person, but one sip of the bourboncello at Revival and that has swiftly changed. The bourboncello is made in house and features bourbon, orange oleo saccharum, and orange juice. The bourbon definitely packs some heat, but the orange helps in making the bourboncello an invitingly mellow sip. 

Sweet Potato Dumplings – Since Revival is known for its Southern cuisine, the menu is understandably pretty heavy. There’s catfish, fried chicken, mac ‘n cheese, etc. I was in the mood for a meatless entree, so I opted for the sweet potato dumplings. A wise choice. The dumplings are a lighter choice on the entree menu, but are still on the hearty side thanks to the dumplings, which are made from sweet potato and mascarpone cheese. Mushrooms and greens tossed in a creamy sauce also accompanies the dish. The sweet potato dumplings are subtly sweet and serve as a nice companion to the savory greens. Only complaint is I wish there were more mushrooms. I counted maybe three or four. I’m a new fan of mushrooms, so you’ll have to excuse me.

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D’USSE Remixer Combined Booze & Beats To Create The Ultimate Lushworthy Experience

For many, the similarities between music and cocktails may seem minimal at best. But during D’USSE cognac’s intimate D’USSE Remixer event in Atlanta, myself and a handful of others learned firsthand the parallels between booze and beats. 

Before being treated to an intriguing intro to D’USSE courtesy of its creator Michel Casavecchia, we mixed and mingled while sipping on “Jasmine’s Punch.” Serving as the signature cocktail for D’USSE Remixer, “Jasmine’s Punch” was a not-too-sweet combination of D’USSE, St. Germain (my fav!!), pear liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup, and Jasmine tea. It may have looked and sounded dainty, but it packed quite the punch. 

From there, we headed to the studio to meet with producer extraordinaire 9th Wonder (Kendrick Lamar’s “DUCKWORTH,” Jay Z’s “Threat”) to create a remix to Jay Z’s The Black Album track, “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.” Before remixing Hov himself, which I may or may not have struggled with, 9th let us listen to the various components (isolated vocals, vocals with music, etc.) for Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” and Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Fantasy.”

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