Lushworthy Creations: The “Chocolate Monkey” (Created Using Godiva Chocolate Vodka)

Chocolate Monkey

I have a feeling that I’ll be saying this a lot, but the “Chocolate Monkey” really is my favorite “Lushworthy Creation” yet! And I’m awfully proud of myself for creating a drink recipe that’s pretty close to the best drink I’ve ever had. The combination of chocolate and banana really is amazing. I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say my mouth never left the straw when I was drinking this latest Lushworthy concoction. Check out the ingredients I used below.

I highly suggest you turn up the heat, put on your favorite pair of flip-flops, and imagine you’re relaxing on a beach in The Bahamas while sipping on the “Chocolate Monkey.” It’s definitely a summer drink, but you have my permission to enjoy it during these cooler months. ūüėČ


2 oz. Godiva Chocolate Vodka

2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream

1/2 Banana

Chocolate Syrup

Whipped Cream

Handful Of Ice


Combine two scoops of vanilla ice cream, Godiva Chocolate Vodka, half a banana, and a handful of ice in a blender. Add chocolate syrup, the amount you add really depends on how chocolate-y you want your drink. Blend ingredients, then pour into a tall glass, and top with whipped cream and drizzle with chocolate syrup.

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Lushworthy Creations: “Chocolate Razz’tini” (Created Using Godiva Liqueur & Stoli Chocolat Razberi)

As soon as I received my bottle of Stoli Chocolat Razberi I knew it would be an absolute perfect match for Godiva’s chocolate liqueur. And I have to say that even though this was the easiest “Lushworthy Creation”¬†I’ve created thus far it might just be my favorite. The combination of both chocolate and raspberry makes this drink quite the deliciously decadent cocktail. Below are the ingredients I used to create my “Chocolate Razz’tini.”

And shout out to my brother for coming up with the mint garnish idea. With a raspberry/chocolate cocktail of course the first thing that came to mind as a garnish was either a piece of chocolate or some raspberries. I didn’t have either so I planned on leaving my drink garnish-less until the bro came up with the mint leaf idea. On top of making the drink pop look wise it also gives it a very subtle kick of mint flavor which is a nice touch.


2 oz. Godiva Liqueur

1 oz. Stoli Chocolat Razberi

Mint Leaf


Combine Godiva Liqueur and Stoli Chocolat Razberi in a shaker with ice. Shake ingredients and then strain into a martini glass. Garnish with mint leaf.

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Lushworthy Creations: “Toasted Choco’nut” (Created Using Godiva Liqueur & Zacapa Rum)

Once the temperature gets anywhere near the 60’s the good people of Atlanta break out the Parka’s, put on their Ugg’s, and I brainstorm my way through a bunch of fall/winter inspired drink recipes. Okay the latter is true, but those first two may be a ¬†bit exaggerated. I received a sample of Godiva Liqueur and Zacapa Rum last week and I knew I just had to create a hot drink using the two liquors. I experimented a bit over the weekend, but couldn’t quite find the perfect combination of the three main ingredients until today. Below are the ingredients I used for my Lushworthy Creation.

I had planned on using shredded coconut as a garnish, but I was a little concerned with the fact that the white coconut wouldn’t stand out at all against the white whipped cream. That’s when I came up with the brilliant idea to toast the shredded coconut. And I’m so glad I did because the golden-brown color really pops and I feel like toasting the coconut brought out the flavor of the shredded coconut even more. Also, I have to add that this drink smells ahhh-mazing! I wish I could bottle the scent up and sell it to Bath & Body Works. It’s just that fragrant! Check out directions on how to create the “Toasted Choco’nut”¬†below.


2 oz Godiva Liqueur

1 oz Zacapa Rum

2 oz Milk

Shredded Coconut

Whipped Cream Or Cool Whip


Simmer Godiva Liqueur, Zacapa Rum, and milk in a small pot. Make sure you heat the ingredients on low or medium-low. Stir occasionally. While those three ingredients are heating place a layer of shredded coconut on a baking sheet and place in an oven heated to 375 degrees. Heat shredded coconut for about five to seven minutes or until they’re a gold brown color. Add heated ingredients (Godiva Liqueur, rum, and milk) to a glass mug. Let cool for about two minutes and then add whipped cream and top with toasted coconut.

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Lushworthy Creations: “The Samog-ito” (Created Using Samogon Liquor)

When I first tried Samogon the first drink I immediately thought of was the rum-inspired Mojito. For me Samogon has somewhat of a minty flavor so I knew I just had to come up with a Mojito inspired drink recipe for my first ever Lushworthy Creation. So I hit up my local grocery store for a few ingredients and went to work in my drink laboratory (a.k.a. the kitchen table) to create a drink I had already dubbed “The Samog-ito.” Below is a picture of all the ingredients I used to create my Lushworthy concoction.¬†

Now I’m sure you see the bottle of Simply Lemonade and might be a bit confused since I’m making a Mojito inspired drink. But in my opinion lemonade is the ultimate mixer so I strongly believe that a splash of lemonade in any cocktail goes a long way. And below is a picture of why I need to purchase a muddle ASAP if I plan on creating any more drink recipes. The glass I was using had a bit of a yellowish orange hue to it so it kind of made my muddled ingredients look a little drab.¬†

After muddling the mint, lime juice, and sugar I added my Samogon, Simply Lemonade, and club soda. I added ice, mixed it a bit, added a garnish and VOILA…“The Samog-ito” was born. (Check out the drink recipe below this picture.)

The Samog-ito


2 oz Samogon

2 Mint Leaves

1 tsp Sugar

1 Lime

1 oz Simply Lemonade

1.5 oz Club Soda


Muddle two mint leaves, the juice of half a lime, and sugar in the bottom of a tall glass. Add Samogon, Simply Lemonade, and club soda. Add ice, stir, and garnish with slice of lime.

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