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Liquor Wars: Diddy Fires Shots At Grey Goose Cherry Noir Via Twitter

In today’s edition of “Liquor Wars” we have Diddy and Grey Goose…again. Diddy, whose role at Ciroc is that of brand manager (don’t quote me on that just yet), recently turned to his Twitter account to express his less than … Continue reading

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Grey Goose Cherry Noir Finds Itself A New Competitor With The Announcement Of Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry

Ahh, there’s nothing I love more than a ¬†good Liquor War and with all the feedback I received thanks to my Pinnacle Whipped vs. Smirnoff Whipped piece I know you guys do to. So months after Grey Goose announced that … Continue reading

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Looks Like We’ve Got Ourselves A Whipped Cream Vodka War (Smirnoff vs. Pinnacle)

I’ll admit my headline might be a bit on the exaggerated side, but what “beef” doesn’t include a little exaggeration here and there. Even if it is only between vodka companies and not rappers. But earlier today I was on … Continue reading

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Ladies & Gentleman, I Present To You Diddy The Ciroc Tyrant (Video)

Not to be funny, but Ciroc and Diageo might want to have a nice little sit down talk with Diddy in the very near future. Because to be quite frank he’s starting to make the brand look bad (as the … Continue reading

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