Drink Amarula Cream Liqueur & Help Save African Elephants, It’s That Easy

It’s always great when you can be Lushworthy while also supporting a great cause. Amarula Cream Liqueur, which is crafted from the fruit of the Marula tree in South Africa, has partnered with WildlifeDIRECT to help raise funds to protect African elephants.

Together, the two have made it super easy to contribute to their newly-launched, “Don’t Let Them Disappear” campaign. For my folks based here in the United States, all you have to do is purchase a bottle of Amarula, and $1 will be donated to WildlifeDIRECT. Easy as pie. Funds will be used to support WildlifeDIRECT’s on-the-ground conservation efforts in Africa. The “Don’t Let Them Disappear” campaign has already begun, and will conclude at the end of 2017.

Thanks to Amarula and WildlifeDIRECT, it looks like we now know what you’ll be gifting your animal-loving, boozy friends for the holiday season.

To create some momentum for Amarula and WildlifeDIRECT’s campaign, myself and other bloggers were gifted with a safari-themed care package. I did an unboxing on Instagram Stories, and those who watched seemed just as excited as I was. I’m in love with the Kente cloth I was gifted, and the elephant stirrers are everything. 

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