New Orleans’ Meauxbar Takes Brunch To Decadent Levels Of Deliciousness

Brunch at Meauxbar in New Orleans was truly an experience. Upon stepping into this cozy restaurant, located on the corner of North Rampart and St. Philip, you don’t necessarily expect to leave having experienced one of the best brunches of your eggs and bacon-fueled existence. 

I consider myself a classic bruncher. I’m used to shrimp and grits, french toast, breakfast hash, etc. So, I knew I was in for a brunch a little outside of the norm when we were first treated to Meauxbar’s drool-inducing buttermilk donuts. Krispy Kreme-lovers beware: these buttermilk donuts aren’t your standard grab-and-go doughnut. They’re delivered to your table close to piping hot, and boast a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth flavor. 

A hands down favorite for me was the French Onion Grilled Cheese. Made using braised beef and onions, and accompanied by a petit salad, their French Onion Grilled Cheese is a must for sandwich aficionados. I usually like my sandwiches paired with fries or chips, but the petit salad was ideal in balancing out the meaty/cheesy savoriness of the grilled cheese.

For those on the calorie-conscious side, Meauxbar isn’t all decadence and carb-heavy delights. The Pickled Shrimp Salad is another stunner on their menu. The salad is tossed in a taragon yogurt, and is topped with Israeli cous cous, cucumbers, and pickled shrimp. The pickled shrimp is the expected star of the show. It’s juicy, tangy, and gives a relatively light salad a hearty edge. 

With a selection of craft cocktails that are placed in categories like “Sultry & Sophisticated” and “Bubbly & Fresh,” Meauxbar is heavily on the Lushworthy side. Their “Irish Whiskey” cocktail was an easy favorite thanks to its sippable combination of Scotch, St. Germain, lime, and creole shrub. And if you’re in the market for a more refreshing cocktail (especially given NOLA’s stifling heat), their “Spritz” is a worthy choice. The “Spritz” combines Cocchi Rosa, pink peppercorn, honeysuckle, lemon, bitters, and soda.

And although I was unable to experience it, Meauxbar features a Mimosa Set Up, during weekend brunches. You get to act as mimosa mixologist, creating your own signature mimosas using their shrubs, bitters, and tinctures. Freshly-squeezed OJ is also on hand. 

Lastly, what’s brunch without crepes? A crepe filled with an orange cream and topped with dark chocolate was served as one of our desserts. Unfortunately, it was one of my least favorite options from the menu. I felt that the crepe needed another element to really set it over the top.

Once you’re ready to have all your brunch desires fulfilled, you can find Meauxbar at 942 North Rampart Street. 

Photos provided by Talaia W.

***A complimentary food and cocktail tasting was provided at Meauxbar, but the thoughts in this post are fully my own. 

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