Adorada, The Chic, New Line Of Wines That Proves To Be A Real Head-Turner

It’s not often that you come across a bottle of wine that’s sexier than Idris Elba in his Sunday best, but Adorada Wines have managed to do just that. The bottles for their Rose and Pinot Gris wines both boast a heavy swath of black wax that looks oh so sleek paired with the champagne-hue of their Pinot Gris and light pink-hue of their Rosé. Seriously, I had to take a dozen photos on sight. 

Adding to Adorada’s allure is the fact that it’s inspired by luxury fragrance.

“We crafted these wines to exhibit the evocative floral aromas usually associated with fragrant perfume,” said Adorada winemaker Margaret Leonardi. “We wanted to change things up a bit—to balance the kiss-stained hue of our Rosé with an unexpected nose of spice and botanicals, to bring the aromatics front and center in a typically understated varietal like Pinot Gris.”

I enjoyed both the Rosé and the Pinot Gris, but I was most impressed by the Pinot Gris. It was subtly sweet and refreshing. Perfect sipping for when you want to enjoy these last few days of summer. Although I enjoyed both wines, what I didn’t enjoy was the arduous task of chipping away at the black wax on each bottle to get to the cork. Sheesh. 

Adorada’s Rosé and Pinot Gris wines are both available for purchase for only $19.99. 


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