How To Survive A Visit To A Dive Bar If You’re Hella Bougie

I’m a thirty-something, so I definitely understand the allure of sipping Rose at a sparkly rooftop bar or visiting a chic eatery for a craft cocktail. But at the end of the day, I LOVE DIVE BARS! Why do I love dive bars? Well, there’s a number of tantalizing reasons. Let’s start off with the most frugal: drinks are cheap. There’s usually a solid Happy Hour, and on top of that drinks are usually cheap to begin with. Also, I love shenanigans, And drunken shenanigans have no limit at dive bars.

Sadly, my love for dive bars isn’t as popular among the 30+ crowd. But for those curious, I’ve created a mini guide to help you maneuver your way through just about any dive bar. So, let’s dive right in! (See what I did there?)

Have No Expectations

If you want to expect the best, that’s cool. I like your optimism. But be prepared for shoddy bartenders, “Real Housewives” level drama, and dogs just casually chilling at the bar. (See below for proof of the latter)

Dogs are also #LUSHWORTHY.

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Be Realistic

Listen, you can survive without a glass of Frose for one night. Don’t expect to find Frose, watermelon mimosas, bacon-infused Old-Fashioneds, or any cocktail of that nature at a dive bar. Keep it simple. Vodka and tonic. Whiskey and Coke, etc.

Make Sure You Get Dibs On The Jukebox

Music is SO essential at a dive bar. And with the fancy shmancy jukeboxes of 2017, you can play just about any song you want. Yes! You and your bougie friends can slay to Bey “All Night.” (Again, see what I did there?)

Don’t Dress Up

Before the night’s over you’re probably gonna end up with Budweiser on your shoes and Red Bull and vodka on your shirt, so please save your fancy clothes for fancy places. 

Save The Grubbin’ For Pre or Post-Dive Bar

While there are dive bars that serve some quite scrumptious eats, I’d chill on the food.

Go With A Group Of Friends

A dive bar is not the place to cozy up with the latest New York Times Best Seller. No no NO. Bring the homies. Have some drinks. And hopefully make some new friends in the process. 



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