The Most Lushworthy Picture From The Grammy’s: Jay-Z Drinking D’USSE Out Of A Grammy Award

Jay-Z D'USSE Grammy 1 As soon as I saw the picture of Jay-Z drinking D’USSE straight out of a Grammy Award during the awards ceremony earlier tonight I practically ran to my laptop to post the pair of pictures on here. This is Lushworthy-ness at its absolute finest folks. Please take note, for what I don’t know, but please do take note. Jay-Z reps pretty hard for the newly-introduced VSOP cognac and has become somewhat of a spokesperson for the brand. The pictures (likely from Instagram) come courtesy of Carrington, a brand advocate for D’USSE.

Jay-Z D'USSE Grammy 2 You’ll Also Like: Jay-Z & D’USSÉ Cognac “LIV” It Up In Miami At The D’USSÉ Launch Party (Video)

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