Complex Magazine Lists Atlanta’s 25 Douchiest Bars…Are Any Of Your Favorites Included?

Ouch, if there’s one list you surely don’t want your bar to make it’s “The Douchiest Bars” list. I came across this list late last month and have been meaning to blog about it ever since. I mean, it’s kinda hilarious. And for their latest “Douchiest Bars” list, listed the most douche-worthy bars in the city of Atlanta (where I happen to reside).

I’ve definitely been to a couple of the establishments on the list and I’ve also blogged about a few. I won’t name names, but I was recently at one of the bars listed and their computers were down so they had to make tabs for the entire bar. Needless to say, once computers were back up it took forever for everyone to pay their bill and I ended up being overcharged…not fun. Also, another one of the bars listed completely smelled of throw-up the entire time I was there. Lastly, another bar I visited had bottle service charges that were out of this world. So Complex is definitely spot on with a few places on the list. Here are just a handful of bars featured on “The 25 Douchiest Bars In Atlanta” list and to view the entire list visit

East Side Lounge

Red (At Philips Arena)

Peachtree Tavern

The Ivy


Frank Ski’s Restaurant

Are any of your favorite bars listed? Have you had any douche-worthy experiences at the bars featured on Complex’s list?

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