So Who’s The Mystery Woman In These New Dewar’s Scotch Whisky Commercials?

I’m not sure if it’s her bold Scottish accent or the fact that she’s able to make the twisting open of a bottle of whisky sound a lot like the breaking of bones, but the woman featured in Dewar’s Scotch Whisky’s latest commercials seems to be one bad mama jama. While writing this little blurb I was of course doing some research to find out who exactly the actress featured in Dewar’s various commercials is and all Google-assisted clues have led me to British actress Claire Forlani. Here’s the link to her IMDB page if you want the 4-1-1 on our leading lady. I have to admit that I am a little disappointed to find out that that “bold Scottish accent” I mentioned earlier isn’t as genuine as I had imagined, but regardless it’s still an interesting ad campaign on behalf of Dewar’s.

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        1. She is very beautiful and had been in several movies that she was a standout in..Meet Joe Black, and The Medallion are two.

  1. The commercial is such a joke. It’s as fake and terrible as dewars, so I guess it’s appropriate. They should have gone with an actual Scottish person opposed to a fake actress.

      1. Whether it is fake or not she did a great job. It is bold and striking and that is the point they are trying to convey. She is beautiful and she has been in movies in the past. Interesting enough our best actors are from England in my opinion πŸ™‚

        1. Agreed MissHapas. I think she is gorgeous…even if the accent isnt her natural tone, something about hearing her speak gets my motor humming. Just my opinion. …to each hus or her own. :0)

  2. Aww no way! The commercials are awesome, the chick is crazy sexy. I’ve seen her in something, cant place it, but its a great campaign. makes me want to drink scotch, And i don’t even drink.

    1. she played in Mallrats, as TS (Jeremy London’s) girlfriend, and also in Boys and Girls as Ryan Walker (Freddie Prinze Jr.’s) love interest.

      1. THANK YOU! I knew I knew her from a movie, but I couldn’t figure out which! Ugh, it was one of those tip-of-the-tongue things!

      1. And when I saw her in MJB I though what a gorgeous woman, so when I saw the first Dewar’s commercial I immediately recognized her. WOW, what a fox !!!!!

    2. You are sooo right Diamondblue777, she IS crazy sexy. You’ve most definitely seen her in something. One of her most notable roles was in the movie where she played the daughter of Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt played the role of death coming to take her father and Pitt (Death) fell in love with her. Damn she is HOT!! and I’m an actor myself, and let me tell ya, those accents aren’t easy; she does a pretty good job

  3. I just googled this an your site came up. I would say she doesn’t sound Scottish. My mother, aunts, and cousins are Scottish women and they sound nothing like her (though they are all equally, if not more so, strikingly beautiful.). I think she might sound Welsh, maybe.

    1. Heck, some parts sound Irish. Understand about the faux Scottish burr. I think if we Yanks were exposed to a real one, we wouldn’t understand one word!

      My parents were born and bred in Ireland, so I figured I understood it all. But when I got to Ireland and was exposed to the real “bog language,” I was at a complete loss. I thought my relatives were speaking Irish!

      1. My wife and I went to Scotland for vacation and it took me about three days even get close to understanding what they were saying. Their accents were so thick my wife basically had to translate for me, lol.

        Anyway, the point is, her accent sounds fake to me and she’s seems to be trying to make it sound so thick that it’s almost annoying.

  4. When I saw bits of NCIS with her & Chris O’Donnell, I instantly remembered Meet Joe Black 1998. Didn’t look like she aged much at all till this commercial. But still looks sexy at 40 though ridiculously fake accent in this commercial. But in the movies & NCIS, sounds like any ordinary white Californian chic, no Euro accent.

  5. Come on people!! Mall Rats she was in Mall Rats! Let me run it down if you don’t remeber; a Kevin Smith flic, Jay and Silent Bob, Jason London, Jason Lee, Jennifer Tilly, Ben Afflec…

  6. I assumed she was Irish and likely a member of the IRA. She certainly seems cold and hard and more than willing to place a bomb under someone’s car.

  7. Ooo I think she is stunning, at first I was like Hmmmm nah, but the second time I saw the commercial I was captivated by her beauty

    1. It’s blended! Watered down with ice is the only way anyone could choke down blended Scotch Whiskey. A good 18yr Single Malt on the other hand, now ice in that would be considered a sin to some. πŸ™‚

  8. claire forlani smoking hot one of her best performances the accent is as real as my wifes (west side glasgow) its a shame that shes an english wanker lol if i didnt already have a beatiful scottish lass i would have too take a chance on her again to bad she english another reason to drink dewars god bless the scots

  9. AW CRAP!

    Now you bastards are going to tell me that James Doohan and Simon Pegg aren’t really True Scotsmen playing Mr. Scott in Star Trek?

    The woman is a Brit? Next thing you’ll tell me is that she grew up in the West End and hung around Sloane Square….

    All my dreams are now crushed.

  10. In America there was a long standing rule that you would not show actors actually drinking on a commercial. I guess the FTC doesn’t give a damn anymore. CHEERS.

  11. WTF I drink to forget about my “Old lady” now I have to be reminded of an old woman evertime I open a bottle of booze! Noooooooo!!!

  12. She may be English (they’re all Brits) and she may be 40, but she’s good-looking, enticing, and can sell whisky. After all, look at the publicity she’s already generated.

    That name almost sounds Italian.

  13. Yes thats who i thought it was and i personally think Claire Forlani is hot even at her age. Hate to break this to you guys but TV is fake even those so called reality tv shows.

  14. The Botox in her lips is not looking so good. I’m sure she’s decent looking but they sure didn’t do a good job of portraying that.

  15. It’s a really bad commercial, you can barely understand what she says, she was attractive years ago but no longer is, and the cracking of the bottle sounds like cracking brittle bones. These comments have shown me an embarrassingly large amount of people do not know what bold means.

  16. She’s married to a Scottish actor. Probably got the accent down from him and his family.

    I don’t know about the commercial…I’ve always thought she was super elegant in a fragile sort of way. That commercial makes her seem like she would do you and then kill you. A little scary but there are worse ways to go, for sure.

  17. A fake Scots’ accent? She’s sexy in an odd way. But, the stupid line at the end re “Angus” is….stupid. And, Dewar’s does suck, as do most blended Scotches.

  18. How about a real Scottish lass? A real sexy and lovable beauty? Dr. Who’s Karen Gillan!! Put her own and I might even buy this blended Scotch.

  19. As a Native Scot living in the States, I loathe this commercial. One, Dewars isn’t Scotch – It’s watered down whisky. Two, her accent is horrendous. The second commercial is even worse.

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  22. While this woman is very attractive and I knew I’d seem her before, I knew she was NOT Scottish! I’m a Glaswegian who has lived in Texas for 42 years but I still know the real thing ( or fakes) when I hear it, don’t know much about Dewars, my family drinks single malts! I don’t during whiskey but I surely promote it!

  23. She is beautiful! I immediately recognized her from the movie ” Meet Joe Black” starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins.

  24. OH GOD COME ON YOU GUYS! Are you serious? She is fuckin’ barking, woofin’, and I don’t understand not being totally turned OFF by her. I’m serious, I think that the abnormal plastic surgery faces always pushed on us by Hollyweird are changing our normal, healthy perception of beauty. There are hundreds of beauties in Scotland that haven’t ever been touched by a surgeon – real women with real accents. A pair of big tits and gorgeous body and lovely big hair (Tits On A Stick or even Hair On A Stick) does not a beauty make. Not to me – if the face isn’t attractive I can’t ever get past it. Her lips are crazy and she almost looks cross eyed. In fact she’s the image of a New York or Jersey Jewish Housewife Who Makes What For Dinner? Reservations!

  25. She is gorgeous… but she’s British.

    Shame on you Dewars! You should have honored Scotland.

    William Wallace is rolling over in his tomb.

  26. Ironic that her accent is from the same fake playbook as the pretend Scottish valet /American actor character in Gosford Park. Has the same defects that tip off the downstairs stairs folk that his accent is not real. She must have seen the movie but missed that detail.

  27. Dewars doesn’t even adhere to Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) regulations. “The Highlander Honey label refers to the drink as a β€œblended Scotch whisky infused with natural flavors,” although the SWA does not permit the addition of flavouring to Scotch.” A fake scotch deserves a fake actress with a fake accent. β€œWe have concerns that the labelling and promotion of Dewar’s Highlander Honey could distinguish the product more clearly from Scotch whisky,” a spokesperson for the SWA said. To me, she is not as attractive as a lot of Scottish women I have seen.

  28. She is not attractive whatsoever. On top of that, she is extremely annoying. And her forced sexuality is too much. These commercials make me cringe.

  29. Yes, she scared me when I watched the first few of these commercials. But I find her crazy attractive. ” Go back to bed, Angus darling.”

  30. She’s gorgeous, the accent and commercial are bad. It’s the thing about “Angus” that makes me hit the mute button though, it’s embarrassingly stupid.

  31. You were surprised that her accent is fake??? Because it sounds fake as hell. From the way she says seriously differently (and both times awful I might add) to the fragmented way she talks… This is literally one of the dumbest commercials on television. SERIOUSLY.
    Great…shes a hot woman with a bottle of scoth. But who the hell is this Angus guy and what does the dialogue have to do with drinking scotch? Just a ridiculous commercial and I cringe whenever its on.
    And I recognized her immediately from Meet Joe Black

  32. annoying commercial. She comes across as a stuck up ice queen with a fake annoying accent, ‘Seriously. She looks old-woman anorexic. At least she’s ready to take life seriously and drink some liquor.

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