The “Lushworthy Travel” Bucket List: My Picks For The World’s Coolest Beer, Wine & Liquor Destinations

Before I get into my “Lushworthy Travel” Bucket List here’s a bit of a funny story…So I started working on this list about three weeks ago and had it saved as a draft up until now. If you look at the list you’ll see that one of the places I wanted to visit was Cognac, France. And no more than three days after I started working on this list and before I even published it I received an invite to France from Grey Goose! Pretty crazy, right? And yes, I did get to check out Cognac, France.

As much as I love all that’s Lushworthy I’m also really big on travel. I feel like you truly aren’t living unless you’ve had the opportunity to set foot in a few other countries. So you can probably imagine my excitement when I came up with the semi-genius idea of combining both liquor and travel for my “Lushworthy Travel” column. I was checking out My Beautiful Adventures a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved her bucket list (which is mostly travel related). And while randomly checking out reviews on Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica the idea to create my own bucket list consisting of destinations that are beer, wine, or liquor related came to me. With that being said I present to you my “Lushworthy Travel” Bucket List! Oh, and I will be gradually adding on to the list.

The oh so clever “Been There, Done That!” means that is something I have in fact crossed off my list. So far I’ve knocked out two.

La Playita – Isla Verde, Puerto Rico – November 2011

Enjoy an authentic Pina Colada in Puerto Rico. – Been There, Done That!

Visit Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica for numerous Red Stripes and rice with steamed lobster.

Indulge in a “Vertigo Sunset” at Vertigo & Moon Bar at the Banyan Tree Bangkok while taking in the amazing view.

Château de Cognac – Cognac, France – July 2012

Go on a distillery free-for-all in Cognac, France. Grey Goose, Hennessy, Camus, Courvoisier, Remy Martin! Cognac, France is clearly a Lushworthy paradise. – Been There, Done That!

Freeze my buns off at the ICEBAR Stockholm. This experience must be immediately followed by a Hot Toddy with extra whiskey.

Take part in a pub crawl in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Sip on a Mai Tai beachside in Waikiki while at the Halekulani Hotel, the birthplace of the Mai Tai.

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