Drink Recipes: Cheers To The Queen! Celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee With These Royal Cocktails Made Using Port Wine

To be honest with you guys, I’m not terribly familiar with The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (which takes place from June 2nd to June 5th) but if it’s an occasion worthy of a few cocktails then I’m all for it. So I of course did some Google-ing and according to TheDiamondJubilee.org the event is basically a celebration of  the Queen’s 60 years as Monarch. I’m sure they’ll be partying it up over the pond, but if you’d like to do a little celebrating of your own then I’m sure that either the “Princeton” or “The Garbo Mystique” cocktail will make for a great addition to your personal festivities.



1.5 oz Dry Rye Gin

1.5 oz Taylor 10 YO Tawny Port

1 Dash Gum Syrup

3 Dashes Orange Bitters

Lemon Peel


Combine all ingredients over ice and stir.  Strain into a chilled coupe glass and enjoy.

The Garbo Mystique (By Summer Jane Bell)


1.5 oz Fonseca Dry White Port

.5 oz Broker’s Gin

.5 oz. Simple Syrup

.5 oz Lemon

1 Dropper Full Of Bittermen’s Orchard Celery Shrub Bitters


Combine ingredients over ice and stir. Double strain into a chilled coupe and garnish with a fresh basil leaf.

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