Drink Recipes: EFFEN Vodka Makes Quite The Splash With Their New Summer Cocktails

Summer is slowly beginning to rear its lovely head and since we still have a few weeks left until the season begins that gives you plenty of time to revamp your list of summer cocktails. Sure a margarita or cran and vodka are refreshing during those sweltering months, but it’s nice to incorporate a new cocktail every now and then. A great way to add a little “oomph” to your summer cocktails is by creating your own infused vodkas. It might sound like quite the feat, but it’s actually pretty simple. To get you ready for summer EFFEN Vodka has provided these drink recipes for cocktails that are made using lavender and strawberry infused vodka. And you can find directions on how to infuse EFFEN Vodka under the drink recipe. Happy infusing!

Side Note: I just noticed how awesome that garnish on the “EFFEN Summer Punch” is! Before reading the directions I actually thought it was a piece of grapefruit.

EFFEN Lavender Breeze (Pictured Above)


1 ½ parts Lavender infused EFFEN® Vodka

1 part Lime Juice

1 part Simple Syrup

3 Fresh Blueberries


In a mixing glass, muddle fresh blueberries. Add remaining ingredients and shake with ice.  Strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with lavender.

EFFEN® Vodka Lavender Infusion:  Infuse 4 ounces dried lavender with 16 ounces EFFEN Vodka for 4-7 days.

EFFEN Summer Punch


1 ½ parts EFFEN® Vodka

¾ parts Dekuyper® Watermelon Liqueur

1 part Lemon Juice

1 part Simple Syrup


Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl over ice and stir. Garnish punch glasses with lemon peel and watermelon cube.

EFFEN Strawberry Stormer


1 ½ parts Strawberry infused EFFEN® Vodka

1 ½ parts Ginger Beer

¾ parts Lemon Juice

¾ parts Simple Syrup


Method: In a mixing glass, combine all ingredients except ginger beer over ice and shake. Strain into a low tumbler over ice and top with ginger beer. Garnish with lemon wedge.

EFFEN® Vodka Strawberry Infusion:  Infuse 16 ounces fresh strawberries with 16 ounces EFFEN Vodka for 4-7 days.

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