Lushworthy Pics: “Mob Wives” Renee Graziano Sips On OR-G Liqueur At Her “Sip & Shop” Event

It looks like OR-G Liqueur has found itself yet another celebrity fan, this time it’s Renee Graziano of VH1′s “Mob Wives.” While hosting a “Sip & Shop” event at Je T’aime Shoes in Brooklyn this week OR-G Liqueur was Renee’s spirit of choice for her guests. Attendee’s sipped on various OR-G Liqueur cocktails while also checking out Je T’aime’s selection of towering stilettos.

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Belvedere Vodka Leading Lady Claire Smith Pays A Visit To The “Conan” Show (Video)

First off I never knew that Claire Smith, the head mixologist at Belvedere Vodka, was so funny. On top of making some pretty awesome drinks on “Conan” she also made it quite the entertaining lil’ segment. Both drinks seemed quite tasty, but the “White Russian” seems like it’s much more my speed. And who knew they sold milk that’s sweetened with cereal? I really need to get my hands on that.

I’m having some problems embedding the video so head on over to Team CoCo to check Claire’s segment out.

Pinnacle Vodka Just Got About 32 Cool Points For These “Shirtless Bartender” Videos


So I was perusing through the Pinnacle Vodka Facebook page earlier today and I’m so glad I did because that’s exactly where I found these “Shirtless Bartender” videos. Now I really don’t care what you men think, but this is an amazing concept! Lol. For their “Shirtless Bartender” videos Pinnacle pretty much recruits local (and pretty hot) bartenders from across the country, who happen to be allergic to anything covering their chests, to show you how to make a Pinnacle cocktail. Only down side is it might be a little difficult to focus on the drink being made.

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Drink Recipes: ABSOLUT Vodka Brings On The Bling With Limited Edition Bottle & New Cocktails

First off, how can you not love this limited edition ABSOLUT Vodka bottle?! The bottle is described as being “as bright as the Times Square Ball” and it really does give off a fun New Years Eve vibe. And if you plan on having any at home get together’s to celebrate the New Year this would be a perfect way to impress all your guests especially the Lushworthy ones. Now on top of this bottle looking absolutely impressive we can’t forget that it is in fact a bottle of vodka and you’re probably going to need some equally impressive drink recipes so hopefully one of the ABSOLUT recipes below catches your eye.



1 Part ABSOLUT Vodka

2 Parts Apple Juice

1 Part Champagne


Shake ABSOLUT with apple juice and strain into a tall cocktail glass. Top with chilled champagne.

Seasons Blingings


1 Part ABSOLUT Vodka

2 Parts Cranberry Juice



Shake ABSOLUT with cranberry juice, and strain into a champagne flute. Top with chilled champagne. Garnish with a fresh berry.


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Looks Like We’ve Got Ourselves A Whipped Cream Vodka War (Smirnoff vs. Pinnacle)

I’ll admit my headline might be a bit on the exaggerated side, but what “beef” doesn’t include a little exaggeration here and there. Even if it is only between vodka companies and not rappers. But earlier today I was on my Facebook page which happens to be littered with liquor ads, probably thanks to my numerous Lushworthy posts, and I saw this ad from Pinnacle which is a pretty obvious shot at Smirnoff and their new whipped vodka. The Pinnacle ad reads, “Pinnacle is the ORIGINAL whipped vodka. At 70 proof it kicks the pants off the 60 proof competition. Click LIKE if you agree.” Can somebody say shots fired. 

I have a personal favorite among the two, but I won’t be sharing that ;-) But I did pair both Pinnacle and Smirnoff against each other in specific categories. Check it out below.

Better Spokesperson: Smirnoff (Now this one’s an obvious no brainer especially due to the fact that Pinnacle doesn’t have a spokesperson and Smirnoff has Amber Rose.)

Most Facebook Likes: Pinnacle (Pinnacle has Smirnoff by almost 100,000 Likes. Yikes!)

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Lushworthy Creations: “Lemon Sparkler” (Created Using U’Luvka Vodka & Yellow Tail Bubbles)

What’s New Years Eve without a Lushworthy, sparkling wine cocktail? Well it’s merely December 31st, just another day on the calendar. Everyone knows New Years Eve just isn’t the same without champagne or sparkling wine. So with 2011 slowly coming to an end and the New Year upon us I knew I wanted to create either a champagne or sparkling wine cocktail that’d be perfect for New Years Eve. So I present to you the “Lemon Sparkler!” Ta-Da!

For this latest “Lushworthy Creation” I used lemonade, grenadine, Yellow Tail Bubbles, and U’Luvka Vodka. I’m usually a Simply Lemonade kinda gal, but the Minute Maid lemonade is what happened to be in the fridge so there ya have it. But if you’re ever creating a cocktail with lemonade you should definitely give Simply Lemonade a shot. It’ friggin’ delicious! And I promise they didn’t pay me to say that.