Looks Like We’ve Got Ourselves A Whipped Cream Vodka War (Smirnoff vs. Pinnacle)

I’ll admit my headline might be a bit on the exaggerated side, but what “beef” doesn’t include a little exaggeration here and there. Even if it is only between vodka companies and not rappers. But earlier today I was on my Facebook page which happens to be littered with liquor ads, probably thanks to my numerous Lushworthy posts, and I saw this ad from Pinnacle which is a pretty obvious shot at Smirnoff and their new whipped vodka. The Pinnacle ad reads, “Pinnacle is the ORIGINAL whipped vodka. At 70 proof it kicks the pants off the 60 proof competition. Click LIKE if you agree.” Can somebody say shots fired. 

I have a personal favorite among the two, but I won’t be sharing that ;-) But I did pair both Pinnacle and Smirnoff against each other in specific categories. Check it out below.

Better Spokesperson: Smirnoff (Now this one’s an obvious no brainer especially due to the fact that Pinnacle doesn’t have a spokesperson and Smirnoff has Amber Rose.)

Most Facebook Likes: Pinnacle (Pinnacle has Smirnoff by almost 100,000 Likes. Yikes!)

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Lushworthy Creations: “Lemon Sparkler” (Created Using U’Luvka Vodka & Yellow Tail Bubbles)

What’s New Years Eve without a Lushworthy, sparkling wine cocktail? Well it’s merely December 31st, just another day on the calendar. Everyone knows New Years Eve just isn’t the same without champagne or sparkling wine. So with 2011 slowly coming to an end and the New Year upon us I knew I wanted to create either a champagne or sparkling wine cocktail that’d be perfect for New Years Eve. So I present to you the “Lemon Sparkler!” Ta-Da!

For this latest “Lushworthy Creation” I used lemonade, grenadine, Yellow Tail Bubbles, and U’Luvka Vodka. I’m usually a Simply Lemonade kinda gal, but the Minute Maid lemonade is what happened to be in the fridge so there ya have it. But if you’re ever creating a cocktail with lemonade you should definitely give Simply Lemonade a shot. It’ friggin’ delicious! And I promise they didn’t pay me to say that.

Drink Recipes: Replace Fruitcake With Fruit Cocktails This Season With Help From Captain Morgan

I think it’s pretty common knowledge now that no one likes fruitcake. Yes, it’s a holiday staple but it happens to be a dreaded one so all it really is is a big waste of fruit. But you can still manage to keep things both festive and fruity this holiday season by replacing your fruitcake with fruit cocktails. And that my friends is a much better use of fruit if you ask me. Thankfully, the folks over at Captain Morgan Rum have whipped up a few fruit-based cocktail recipes so the only thing you have to worry about is drinking up.

Captain’s Sparkling Apple Cider


1.25 oz. Captain Morgan rum

.25 oz. champagne

1.5 oz apple cider

Touch of simple syrup and cinnamon powder


Combine ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into champagne flute and top with champagne.  Garnish with lime or apple wedge.

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Cocktails On The Cheap: So No One Bothered To Tell Me That Chipotle Sells $5 Patron Margaritas…

You either absolutely love Chipotle or hate it and because of your hate you tell all your friends that Chipotle’s owned by McDonalds, there’s no in between when it comes to that place. But I happen to friggin’ LOVE Chipotle. As much as I love Chipotle I’ve never bothered to try their margaritas. Yeah the food is great but I never really expected their margaritas to be all that so I never tried them. But that my friends is about to change because I just learned, via a friend on Facebook, that Chipotle sells friggin’ Patron margaritas! PATRON MARGARITAS! Sorry, but I really felt the need to express my excitement through CAPS. Now I don’t know if the Patron margaritas are sold at every Chipotle, but I will definitely be doing some investigating.

Lushworthy News: Local News Station Takes Part In The World’s Biggest Four Loko Raid (Video)


Okay there wasn’t really a “world’s biggest Four Loko raid,” but you’re not the only one who got bamboozled. I discovered this video because of an ad that seemed pretty legit, but was in fact a promotion for the Four Loko site. But I am glad I came across this video because it is pretty hilarious. It’s produced by Funny Or Die so it’s bound to be funny.

Lushworthy News: Diddy Practices The “Art Of Celebration” In New Ciroc Ad


First we had Diddy jumping over bulls to show us just how “perfectly smooth” the Ciroc brand is and now for his latest Ciroc ad we’ve got Diddy in Vegas. Now Diddy and friends in Vegas may not sound quite as adventurous and exciting as bull-jumping but they sure do make it look pretty cool.

Holiday Gift Guide: Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey’s Personalized Holiday Bottles

Over the past few weeks I’ve come to the realization that when it comes to wine and spirit gifts for the holidays it’s all about personalized gifts and you’d honestly be surprised at how many options there are. One spirit brand that’s jumping on the personalized gift trend is Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey. You can add your own personal touch to a bottle of Knob Creek by adding a special message to the bottle label (pictured above).

There’s three different labels you can choose from and you can pretty much add whatever message you like. I of course went with “I Love Lushworthy.com!” I mean it only makes sense, but feel free to get creative with your bottle label. The deadline to submit your label for arrival before Christmas Day is December 15th so be sure to jump on this now if you’re interested! Visit KnobCreek.com for more details.

Drink Recipes: Toast To The New Year With The (Belvedere) RED Royale

All I have to say to this drink recipe is “wow”…just wow. Moet AND Belvedere? Now that my friends is how you party for the New Year. I love champagne cocktails year round, but New Years Eve is of course the ideal time for a drink like the (Belvedere) RED Royale. It’s festive, it’s simple to make, and did I mention it combines both Moet AND Belvedere Vodka?? Yeah, I think I may have mentioned that part.


1/2 oz crème de casis
Top with Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial


Stir Belvedere with crème de cassis. Top with Moet.

Lushworthy News: Heineken & Young Lyxx Invade Atlanta’s New Era Store (Video)


It was all about Hip-Hop and Heiny (Heineken) at the New Era store earlier this month as rapper Young Lyxx and friends hit up the store for a very live performance. On top of enjoying what I’m sure was an amazing show attendee’s also enjoyed complimentary Heineken. Oh, and if you happen to live in the Atlanta area and are fond of free alcoholic beverages the New Era store hosts events with free liquor/beer at least once a month so there ya go.

Drink Recipes: Miami’s Red The Steakhouse Introduces Their Decadent “Nut-tini” Just In Time For The Holidays

Nut-tini 2

If you’re looking for a rich, decadent cocktail this season then look no further than Red The Steakhouse’s “Nut-tini.” The “Nut-tini” combines the richness of Dark Creme de Cacao, Baileys, and hazelnut liqueur Frangelico with that of vodka to create a martini that I’m sure both chocolate and nut lovers will be head over heels for. This really is a perfect holiday cocktail and at the same time it stands out a bit compared to your usual holiday mixed drink. If you happen to be in the Miami area you can of course get this cocktail at Red and if you’re not the drink recipe is below.


1 ounce Vodka

1 ounce Frangelico

1 ounce Baileys

½ ounce Dark Creme de Cacao


Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with nutmeg.