Betty Crocker Taps Into Her Inner Lush With These “Pink Champagne Cupcakes” (Food Recipe)

Since Betty Crocker is such a wholesome brand I was hella surprised to find this Pink Champagne Cupcakes recipe on the Betty Crocker site (via Doodles Dabbles & Dreams). Even more surprising is the fact that real champagne is used for both the cupcakes and the frosting. Nice! And with a recipe like this I’m starting to think that Betty Crocker might just be an undercover lush.

I always hear about cocktail cupcakes being difficult to make since high temperatures, liquor, and cake mix don’t seem to work too well together but according to the reviews the Pink Champagne Cupcakes actually come out pretty well. And now I’m really, really tempted to make these cupcakes for a New Years treat…they seem perfect for tonight. For the full recipe visit

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