Lushworthy In Puerto Rico: My Hotel’s Pina Colada Is Better Than Yours

Sorry I wasn’t able to get a better picture of this magnificent pina colada, but as you can imagine I was too busy drinking it. But man was it delicious. And the best part is it was served right at the restaurant in our hotel, Hotel La Playa. The restaurant is called La Playita and on top of serving up great food and drinks it’s right on the beach and features amazing views of the ocean. Unlike most restaurants La Playita doesn’t use any pre-mixed concoctions to make their pina coladas instead their drink is made in a blender using fresh ingredients. And I’m about 95% sure they use Coco Lopez a.k.a. the key ingredient in the best pina coladas to make their drinks. So tasty.

Now I hate to do it, but I feel obligated to tell you about the worst pina colada I had in Puerto Rico. It was in the casino at the Ritz Carlton in Isla Verde. Have you ever had a pina colada that tasted like what sunblock smells like? Well, the Ritz Carlton pina colada┬áis exactly that. I’ll give them a pass since it was one of those free casino drinks, but something that nasty shouldn’t even be given out for free.

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