Lushworthy News: Diddy Announces New Ciroc Peach Via Twitter

In addition to their coconut and red berry flavors vodka brand Ciroc will soon welcome a peach flavor to their collection of vodkas. Hip Hop connoisseur/Ciroc spokesperson Diddy made the announcement on Twitter earlier this week. I gotta tell ya though I’m far from excited about this latest Ciroc addition. I absolutely despise peach anything, but I do think there are a lot of people who will be eager to try Ciroc’s latest addition.

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  1. Something is off becasue its not Vodka. Read the bottle, it says “Made with Vodka”, Spirit Flavored Beverage” and “Imported Flavored Spirit”.. Nowhere on the bottle does it say Flavored Vodka. It’s basically an overpriced Ready-To-Drink Clear Cisco or MD 20/20 only smoother…

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