Drink Recipes: “El Cuervo Fresco” (Yea, I Made That Name Up)

As far as I know this particular recipe doesn’t have a name and I don’t see why anything so delicious should go nameless. It’s just unfair. So make sure you refer to this drink as the “El Cuervo Fresco” if you ever want to order it at the bar. I’m so glad I was able to come across this cocktail while at an event because I would have never thought to combine tequila and lemonade. It’s almost similar to a margarita but much tastier in my opinion. And if you’re a fan of margaritas, but hate the bitter taste then you are going to absolutely love this drink. It’s not bitter at all and the Jose Cuervo Platino really makes for a smooth drink.


8fl oz. Jose Cuervo Platino

2½ pints lemonade

2 lemons (sliced thin)



Mix Jose Cuervo Platino, lemonade, and sliced lemons in a large jug. Place in the refrigerator until ready to serve then pour into six short tumblers of ice.

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Lushworthy Pics: Jay-Z, Russell Simmons & More Celebrate The Launch Of Qream Liqueur In NYC

To say that the New York City launch party for Pharrell Williams’ Qream Liqueur was “star-studded” would be an understatement. When Jay-Z and Russell Simmons are in the building you’ve clearly surpassed “star-studded.” The event took place last night (July 20) at the New York Public Library and others in attendance included rapper/producer Swizz Beatz, supermodel Selita Ebanks, DJ Khaled, former A Tribe Called Quest frontman Q-Tip, and much more.  So Qream, how about that Atlanta launch party? We’re cool too ya know. 

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Check Out Big Boi’s Hilarious “The Crown Life” Outtakes (Video)

I’ve never had the opportunity to meet Big Boi in person but he’s got to be one of the realest, funniest rappers in the game. The Atlanta rapper recently partnered with Crown Royal Black and as part of the partnership the two released the mini-documentary “The Crown Life.” And earlier today Big Boi posted a video featuring various outtakes from “The Crown Life” documentary and it’s hilarious. In the video Big Boi rides around a grocery store using a motorized cart, points out his drivers “clean ass ponytail,” and talks about his boo getting upset with him over a Tweet.

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Drink Recipes: Diddy’s Latest Ciroc Concoction

If you follow Diddy on Twitter chances are you’re very, VERY familiar with the fact that he’s the celebrity spokesperson for Ciroc Vodka. I actually unfollowed Diddy on Twitter awhile back, he was just a little too on the annoying side. But thankfully though one of my followers ReTweeted this interesting Ciroc cocktail recipe Diddy came up with. It’s called “The Diddle Skittle” and according to Diddy it’s like a “rainbow explosion in yo’ mouth.” Don’t worry, he of course threw in a necessary “pause” after that description. Check out the ingredients below in the Tweet posted. I would have posted an exact recipe, but this cocktail concoction already sounds a little sketchy so you guys are going to have to guess when it comes to the amounts for each ingredient. Good luck, I feel like you might need it lol. 

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Lushworthy Pics: Killer Mike, 8Ball, Mali Hunter & A Bottle Of Jose Cuervo Platino

Now if you know your southern Hip-Hop I don’t have to tell you about the two gentlemen in the picture above. And if you know your tequila then I don’t have to tell you that that’s a bottle of Jose Cuervo Platino resting in Killer Mike’s hand (even though I just did). And if you’re up on your music/entertainment game you should know that the young lady in the middle is none another than Malissa “Mali” Hunter (musician, Treesound Studios manager, and #Platino connoisseur).

Thanks to Mali I’ve had the opportunity to sample Jose Cuervo Platino on numerous occasions at different events here in Atlanta. For those of you in the market for a super smooth tequila you should definitely give Platino a try. And you can of course expect some Platino recipes on here in the near future.

Picture courtesy of 3LittleDigs.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Try Courvoisier Rosé

It’s Not Your Average Cognac – A lot of people are turned off by the strong taste of cognac and I won’t name names, but a lot of people can’t handle their cognac either. But unlike most cognac’s Courvoisier Rosé offers a much more smooth, refreshing taste. And if you’ve yet to try cognac before this would be a great starting point.

It’s Easy On The Wallet – At only $24.99 for a 750ml bottle Courvoisier Rosé really is a steal. So feel free to spend that extra dough you saved on some snackage.

Mixer? What Mixer? – Courvoisier Rosé is one of few liquors that can really be enjoyed by itself or on the rocks. With notes of blackberry, black currant, and a touch of cherry as well as vanilla, honey, and vine-peach flavors you can see why Courvoisier Rosé can easily be enjoyed sans the mixers.

Appease The Picky – I’m sure we’ve all had that moment when you found yourself feeling overwhelmed in the liquor store because you have absolutely no idea what to buy for a friends dinner/house party. Since Courvoisier Rosé is made from both Courvoisier cognac and premium French red wine grapes it really is an ideal choice. You’ve got both your wine lovers and cognac connoisseurs covered with just one product.

If you find yourself wanting to give Courvoisier Rosé a shot feel free to check out one of the recipes below. I feel like the “Pink Slipper” has my name written all over it.

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